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Atomy USA Review

Atomy is a multi level marketing business established in 2009 that markets goods in the health & wellness, cosmetics as well as home care markets.
Started in Korea and currently located in the US, the business has some challenging opposition if they intend to surpass beauty Multi Level Marketing titans in the United States. Despite that, the company has done better than you probably think making an Atomy Review long overdue.

Atomy, aka Atomy USA, aka Atom 美, are a South Korean based MLM that sells the wellness supplement “HemoHIM Plus” as well as a large lineup of premium beauty products plus personal care products manufactured from one hundred percent natural plant based ingredients. As a side note, the Chinese character “美” (which is pronounced as “mi”) denotes beauty. Han-Gill Park established Atomy Co., Ltd. during 2004 and is additionally the CEO of Atomy America Inc. They strives to provide top-notch goods at the most affordable prices, with licenses all around the globe.

Have I been involved with them?

No I haven’t but I am an active Network Marketer. Atomy isn’t my cup of tea but that certainly doesn’t mean that they are a scam or is a bad company in any way. It just means I’ve already found my preferred company.

If you want to know what I’m having great success with, you can join me here.

About Atomy & Exactly How Does This Program Work

Network marketing is a business model in which you can promote goods retail yet to truly achieve success you really need to enroll or recruit other people.
Whenever you sponsor others these individuals end up being your very own personal sales team and you will get to generate earnings from their sales.
Doing this is a well-known business style for skin care product lines since these kinds of products possess substantial margins making it very easy to pay commissions.
They makes use of this particular business model however these guys also have a great deal of competition from various other businesses which include Herbalife, Arbonne, Amway, ItWorks, Nerium, and even newcomers like Xellis to name just a few.

But these guys must be doing something right given that they’ve stayed in business for over a decade.
A good deal of online marketing businesses never make it that long.

At the moment the company markets its product lines globally so if you reside in any one of the subsequent regions you can use this business opportunity:

  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Cambodia
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • U.S.A.
  • Mexico


Atomy is primarily a skincare/personal care Network Marketing company, however they offer a plenty of other products as well.
Personal care and beauty appear to be a big deal in Korea, the country of Atomy’s origination. South Korea is considered a fashion hub and the beauty capital of the world. They even have a terminology for the Korean cosmetics/beauty sector: it’s called K-Beauty.

Enrolling as a representative is entirely free. All anyone has to do is upgrade from normal registered member to distributor. Zero enrollment costs, absolutely no starter packages, yearly renewal charges, none of that. They still give you membership pricing so you can resell the products for a profit (or use them yourself).

Atomy Products

People need to have a membership to buy something however membership is totally free of cost, so it’s not a big deal at all.
Most of Atomy’s products are for skin care together with personal care.
It’s nice to see that it’s for both guys and gals.

A number of the sought-after ingredients consist of herbal tea extracts, vitamin’s E and C as well as amino acids.
Similar to the majority of skin care MLM’s these guys also provide their very own anti-aging product.
There’s also a variety of household cleaning goods and a natural based, herbal supplement called HemoHim+. This particular herbal nutritional supplement is intended to operate at the cellular level to aid in battling cancer and even improve your body immune system.

These folks have a number of items, so let’s talk about a few of the most preferred in each line of product.

Atomy Skin Care

This skin care collection has a bit of everything: evening care, morning care, sensitive skin care items, as well as sun creams. All the usual’s. Several of their most well-liked skin care offerings are actually packages such as the Calming Care Special, Evening Care 4 Set, Skin Care 6 System, and AC Care Special.

Atomy Calming Care Special.

The Calming Care Special is a scaled-down package with just three items. It has:

  • 140 ml of Calming Skin (use this before the Again Serum)
  • 40 ml of Again Serum (deep hydrating serum, combine with Calming Skin to put on completely dry and cracked locations all around your eyes)
  • 40 ml of Flora Milk (great for oily as well as dry skin, make use of right after Again Serum to get optimum moisturizing results).
Atomy Evening Care 4 Set

The Evening Care 4 Set is a collection of healthy skin care items meant to enhance the look of your skin in just several days. You are meant to utilize it at the end of the day, just as the name indicates. The Evening Care 4 bundle includes:

  • 150 ml of deep facial cleanser (gets rid of make-up, clears out pores, tightens up skin)
  • 150 ml of foam facial cleanser (additionally empties pores and gets rid of dirt and grime)
  • 120 ml peeling gel (eliminates dead skin cells, exfoliates and even prepares your skin )
  • 120 ml of peel-off face mask (diminishes pores, tightens and soothes the skin).
Atomy Skin Care 6 System

The Skin Care 6 Bundle is a package of skincare products developed for  enhancing the look, feel and overall health of your skin. It is made up of:

  • 150 ml of toner (to close up pores and hydrate)
  • 40 ml of eye cream (minimizes lines, creases, and any puffiness all around the eyes)
  • 50 ml of essence (moisturizes and prepares your skin for additional skincare items)
  • 135 ml of lotion (for moisturizing)
  • 50 ml nourishment cream (slows down skin aging, tightens skin), and 40ml BB cream (brightens complexion, shields against ultra-violet rays using Broad Spectrum SPF 30).
AC Care Special

AC Care Special is a package of three natural skin care items that makes use of herbal extracts to enhance skin health and wellness as well as hydration. Inside the AC Care Special is:

  • 130 ml of Calming Skin (calms, tightens, and moisturizes the skin, make use of on whole face right after cleaning your face or shaving your face)
  • 40 ml of AC Solution (fights acne breakouts, make use of only on acne-prone locations or combine with Calming Skin to use it on the entire face)
  • 40 ml of Control Mix (offers extra nutrients to the skin right after employing the AC Solution).

Atomy Men’s Care

It’s terrific to find a number of items tailored to guys, that are now purchasing more skin care than ever before.

Atomy Men Essence, 45 ml

Diminishes the look of pores, deals with dry skin, and minimizes fine lines.

Atomy Men Lotion, 140 ml

Soothes and calms the skin. They points out it’s employed to deal with concerns brought on by shaving.

Atomy Men Toner, 140 ml

Hydrates skin, relieves roughed up skin, and boosts the efficiency of their other men’s products. It’s ideally utilized as aftershave.

Atomy Oral Care

This company has a modest collection of oral care offerings. They offer both toothpaste and tooth brushes, however you can easily purchase them collectively as their Oral Care System. The Oral Care System additionally provides an inter-dental brush, also known as those brushes you can use in between your pearly whites.

Atomy Personal Care

Body Care, hair care, plus all the spaces in between.

Atomy Hair & Body Set

The Body And Hair package has a bit of all things. There’s 500 ml each of herbal based shampoo (cleanses tresses and hair follicles, takes care of damaged hair, and leaves behind shiny hair ) and body cleansing (body wash that cleans and hydrates skin utilizing natural herbs), whilst there’s 200 ml each of their herbal therapy hair set (assists in preventing split ends, hydrates and softens your locks) and hair tonic (detoxes pores, follicles, as well as scalp).

Atomy Scalp Care Set

This set is about detoxing your scalp (since it’s such a sensitive area) and providing it a number of nutrients for more desirable scalp and hair health. It contains 500 ml each of their scalp-care shampoo (washes out your pores and gets rid of other stuff) and scalp-care conditioner (supports your scalp for greater scalp health as well as improved hair growth).

Atomy Makeup/Cosmetics

Just how much you will be able to get access to is dependent on where you reside. The companies site plainly explains Korean customers will have the most access. Here are a few of their most popular cosmetics.

Atomy Lash Mascara, 8 ml

This company prides itself with offering a mascara that will not smudge, clump, sag, or make removal challenging. They refer to these as the “Four Zeros”: 0 smudging, 0 sagging, 0 clumping, and 0 cleansing difficulties.

Atomy Healthy Glow Base, 33 ml

The Healthy Glow Base brightens your complexion and hydrates the skin for a, glowing look. It does this utilizing rose water, amongst numerous other ingredients.

They additionally presents a variety of mineral compacts in their cosmetics section.

Atomy Healthcare

This company sells a large number of health supplements. Let’s dig in and see what they have.

Atomy Eye Lutein

Lutein is a carotenoid, a form of vitamin which assists with improved eye wellness. It’s usually found within leafy green veggies. They market their very own lutein in soft gel caps. Their lutein originates mainly from Aztec Marigold, but they also include extracts and oils from other sources.

Along with the lutein, these kinds of nutritional supplement include lots of vitamin A, an additional nutrient that helps keep your eyes in peak form.

Atomy Vitamin C

These vitamin C sticks give you a 500mg serving of vitamin C when added to your beverage. They are available in sweet and sour mango flavor. Makes good sense considering that citrus is where most products get their vitamin C.

Atomy HemoHIM

HemoHIM is a one hundred percent, all-natural ingredient herbal nutritional supplement. It’s intended to maintain a robust immune system, boost energy, and improve physical efficiency by improving blood cell production, and also combat cancer cells by switching on the cancer cell-eating NK cells.

Atomy HemoHIM image

HemoHIM stands for

Hemo- Hemoglobin
H- Hematopoiesis (blood cell and platelet production).
I- Immune.
M- Modulation.

HemoHIM is the companies flagship product.

Atomy Home Care

Environmentally friendly detergents and various other home care items are available. Whether you have access is determined by geographic location.

Atomy Kitchen

The folks market stainless-steel pots and pans, scrubbers, plus latex gloves.

Atomy Detergent/Fabric Softener

Detergents for your dishes as well as for your clothes are available. Fabric softener is also available. The eco-friendly labeling of these items stems from getting rid of specific harmful ingredients and making use of plant-based ingredients in their place.

Food and Drink

Atomy also sells food and beverage products.


Food items consists of potato ramen sandwich laver (along with a number of additional ingredients in it), grilled laver, and black chia seeds. FYI…Laver’s a form of seaweed,.

When it comes to the spices, they offer Himalayan pink salt plus Kampot black pepper. Himalayan pink salt possesses a lot more minerals than normal salt.


Atomy markets tea as well as tea, ,. they have 2 types of coffee and they also have a tea called Pu’er Tea. The awesome detail is that their coffees as well as their tea all come in stick packets so you don’t need to measure out the coffee or tea on your own.

Atomy Compensation Plan

Signing up as a distributor is totally free, you don’t see that often in the Network Marketing industry.

Their registered members are categorized into 5 kinds of dealer according to total purchased volume as well as commission level.

Sales Representative

Accrue 10,000 to 299,999 PV.


Accrue a min of 300,000 PV or a Sales Rep with a smaller sized leg of at minimum 600,000 PV accrued in the previous month.

Special Agent

Accrue an at least 700,000 PV or an Agent with a smaller sized leg of at the very least 1.4 million PV accrued in the previous month.


Accrue an at least 1,500,000 PV or a Special Agent with a smaller sized leg of a minimum of 3 million PV acquired in the last month.

Exclusive Distributor (E.D.).

Acquire an at least 2,400,000 PV or a Dealer with a smaller sized leg of at least 4.8 million PV acquired in the previous month.

As rank, you can achieve “masterships” for even more earnings. There are 7 different kinds plus all offer one-time incentives.

These masterships are:.

  • Sales Master.
  • Diamond Master.
  • Sharon Rose Master.
  • Star Master.
  • Royal Master.
  • Crown Master.
  • Imperial Master.

To obtain commissions, representatives need to acquire 300,000 PV via purchases (about $500.00) and a minimum of 300,000 PV on both legs weekly, with commission being paid on the smallest value downline.

Additional methods of earnings consist of:

Standard Commission.

Four percent of Atomy’s overall sales are disseminated back to qualified associates weekly.

Multi-Matching Bonus.

Two percent of standard commission coming from the direct downlines are presented to qualified associates.

Mastership and Masters’ Bonuses.

Every mastership includes its own bi-monthly cash incentive, utilizing decreasing percentages the greater mastership you obtain.

  • Sales Masters earn 10%
  • Diamond Masters %5
  • Sharon Rose Master 2%
  • Star Master 1.2%
  • Royal Master 1%
  • Crown Master 0.3%
  • Imperial Master 0.2%.

Mastership Promotion.

There is a promotional compensation for brand new qualified members of each and every mastership.

Right after coming to be a “sales master”, people may open up their own Atomy Center in their area to coach new associates and market products, earning six percent of overall PV towards compensation.

On the whole the Atomy compensation plan is not overly complex matched up to various other plans that I’ve been exposed to. (That’s a good thing)

Points To Keep In Mind

Generally this company has definitely experienced some growth and it appears that their products are liked regarding pricing and overall quality goes.

What other benefits and perks do they have for their potential members:

1. Absolutely no enrollment costs.

Yep, you heard me correctly, it won’t set you back you a penny to get going aside from the investment of some merchandise for presentations and perhaps some on hand inventory if you like to sell to people locally.

2. Keeping stock is not compulsory.

Many multi level marketing organizations have a specific quantity of items that a rep or associate will need to purchase monthly to remain involved or considered active.

This is typically called smartship or auto ship.

Atomy doesn’t have this demand which in turn really helps new reps get going.

3. Incentives & Perks.

As soon as you get to the Masters ranks there is the option to get compensated with things like vehicle rentals, travel, computer systems as well as additional benefits.

In general this network marketing company doesn’t appear too bad when matched up against many companies currently operating.

Frequently Asked Question.

1. Who are Atomy?

Atomy is a natural skin care Multi Level Marketing company established in 2009 in South Korea. It was created by CEO Han-Gil Park. They’re presently located in Federal Way in the Washington State area. They have 2 websites. The primary website is, and their is much more of a product based site.

2. Who is the creator?

Han-Gil Park is the originator of Atomy.

3. Just what does Atomy market?

They mainly market natural skin care as well as various other personal care goods, however, they do offer a few other product categories: health and wellness supplements, make-up/cosmetics, household detergent, kitchen space products, food items, premium coffee, and also tea. Membership is needed in order to purchase items from Atomy, but their membership is totally cost-free. You simply need to have an Atomy registered member provide you with a referral code.

4.What are some of their well-known product lines?

Atomy’s most prominent product line categories are undoubtedly their personal care and cosmetic/makeup product lines. When it comes to their most popular items, that would be the Evening Care 4 Set, Atomy Skin Care 6 System, Hair & Body Set, as well as their flagship product called HemoHIM.

5. How to become a member?

The second you join as a member, you immediately have access to the distributor side of things. You do need a sponsor to become a member. You can then able to purchase products at their member’s program rates and choose to resell them for a profit.

6. What’s their BBB record?

They don’t seem to have an account or score with the Better Business Bureau.

7. Is Atomy a scam?

Nope, not in my opinion. They appear to sell legitimate products at reasonable prices.

8. What companies are similar?

Amway, Herbalife, Jeunesse, Isagenix, Nerium, ItWorks, Modere and many, many others.

9. Do you recommend this opportunity?

The products appear to be of good quality and the prices are reasonable. It’s free to get started and the comp plan seems fair.

BUT, I can’t recommend them, simply because I feel that I’ve found something better.

Interested? Click here to join me.


This companies approach is straightforward: To create as many wealthy individuals as possible by using their premium goods along with their rewarding pay plan.

The Atomy opportunity seems solid IMO and I’m surprised they aren’t a little more well known in the industry. It seems that even though this company has been around since 2009 but they haven’t really caught on.
That being said I’ve seen many companies become powerhouses fairly quickly with an overhaul in marketing strategies so you never know what the future will bring for these folks.

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If you are undecided and uncertain whether should enroll with the Atomy USA network marketing opportunity then feel free to join me on my journey with the company I’ve planted my flag with. Click below to see if it’s a good fit!

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