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Ep 10. How To Get The Best MLM Leads – Podcast Transcript

Paul Koutras here, welcome back for episode 10. Today, let’s talk about how to get the best MLM leads for your business. This is a question I get asked all the time. “Where do you get your leads?”  Followed by “Which are the best type of network marketing leads?” and “I need help with recruiting”. It all revolves around leads, so let’s break it down, let’s see what the best leads might be for your business.  Let’s talk about it.  

Leads, Leads, Leads….

How important our leads? Well, they’re everything. You know we talked about recruiting a few weeks ago and in order for that to happen, in order to prospect and recruit you have to have leads. So leads are the most important things in your business. Leads will make or break your MLM business, okay, so think on that for a second.  You have to have a constant source of these.  

When people first get started, I spoke previously about how you have your friends and family, which is your warm market, and you should definitely start there. It’s a great place to start, but that’s a limited list. What happens after you’re done with it? What happens after you have nobody else to talk to? Then you got a massive problem. 

If you’ve been in this business for more than a few months now you realising you have to have more people to talk to. This means you need to figure out where these people are gonna come from, where you’re gonna get these leads. You’re also going to realise that it’s not just any kind of lead, a regular lead isn’t going to cut it. You need high quality, highly targeted MLM leads. So when you say “what is the best lead?” What is the best method of MLM lead generation? Is it just simple contact info or anybody that might have a slight interest in working from home. Maybe… but I don’t think so.  

I think you want something that’s super targeted, somebody that’s way further along in the buying cycle. Somebody that’s looking to actually do something and take action right away. You need to find these people, and there are ways to do that. 

Successful people in the industry recognize two things about mlm lead generation. 

  1. They recognise that there’s a fine line between just regular lead generation methods and things that work and things that don’t. They quickly define what works well and that’s what they target and that’s what they focus on.
  2. Attached to that first point is that all this easy stuff, this overnight success, get rich quick stuff, something for nothing things, they leave it all behind them. This is stuff they realise that doesn’t work, and they know that you have to work in order to have success. So they focus on the things that they know are truly gonna work. 

 I want to slow down for a second and talk about something really important. Just like so many other things, the majority of success is gonna come from prep work, and the prep work with this is to find out where you’re gonna get the leads. By knowing what kind of leads that you want. Who’s your target audience? Where are you gonna find these people hanging out? That’s the most important thing. To think and kind of get your mindset right. Then from there, once you think this through, then you can move forward and then you can find success. 

Paid MLM Leads

Okay, with that being said let’s talk about the elephant in the room. No doubt when you clicked on this and you started listening you probably thought we were talking about buying network marketing leads. And anyone that’s been in network marketing for a while, you’ve probably at least thought about buying these kinds of leads and I get it. It’s tempting. It seems like it’s easy, that the work’s done for you. But trust me, I’ve tried these things, and they’re not really all they’re cracked up to be. 

Paid Network Marketing Leads image

There are all kinds of different leads. I get that there’s different quality of Leads that are out there. You’ll find things like: 

  • real-time leads 
  • local leads 
  • interviewed leads 
  • generic leads 
  • website clicks 

…and there’s even MLM genealogy leads. These are a list of people that were former MLM’ers that are now out of business or not active (There is much controversy about genealogy leads and how they obtained, so do your research) 

Paid leads depending on which type you go with can range from just pennies to many dollars for each lead, so their value comes from their type, origin and also depends on how fresh they are. 

Something else to think about is that a lot of these folks that are selling the leads try to maximize their profits, so they try to maximize the potential of what they can earn off them by selling these same leads to multiple people. If unsure, ask the seller if they are exclusive or shared. 


So when you get these leads you’re going to be potentially reaching out and talking to prospects that have been contacted by other network marketers. It could be one, it could be two, it could be any number of different people depending on how these guys that are selling them have their business structured. 

So understand that when you’re talking to people, now you have all this competition as well and the likelihood is, even after you’ve spoken with them, they’re gonna be talking to more and more people so there’s there’s a lot that can kind of go sideways. 

Another important thing to think about when you’re dishing out money for leads is what is your ROI? What’s your return on investment? 

The issue with a lot of these leads, is that many people just don’t pick up, and If you leave a message very few of them will ever get back to you.  Additionally a lot of people give you the money objection.. so why are they giving you objections if they have opted in to receiving a call and if they’re on a list of looking for something to work from home? 

If you email or text them, hardly any respond. Which is weird cause I thought they wanted to work from home. 

The questions that you need to ask at that point are, how did they opt in? What were they looking at when they decided to give their information? Does it align with what you’re offering? 

There’s so many variables there and you really don’t know what you’re getting into when you’re calling these people. 


So at this point I just want to slow down and be very clear that I’m not crapping on purchasing leads.  

I’m just giving you what I’ve experienced and the experiences from people that I’ve worked with.  

Can using purchase leads work? Absolutely. I’m sure there’s a ton of people out there that have done it, and made it work for them. But, you’ll need to have the right system to do it. Also, where are they getting their leads? Because all leads, I guarantee you, are not created equally. You just need to be very careful and make sure that you’re getting a good return on investment out of what you’re doing. 


I’ll never tell you that something can’t work. I’m sure there’s somebody that has made it work, so don’t get me wrong with what I’m saying with this. I just think that there’s a better way. 

So let’s talk about that, okay? 

What do we know so far about purchase leads: 

  • We know that they might be okay. We know that they might not. 
  • There’s also potential that you might lose money on your list. 
  • You also still have to build a rapport and trust with these people which might lead you to still chasing after them which is not what you want.  


Common Lead Generation Tactics

Because of all this people might get desperate and this can lead to your company or your support team giving you not so good advice on how to generate leads, here’s some of the advice I commonly hear given to people that need more leads: 

  • Use the three-foot rule.  
  • Scour the mall 
  • Go hang out in the magazine section and start up conversations 
  • Go wander around and collect business cards so you can call them later 
  • Go on to social media and start screaming that you have the best products. Basically start spamming.  

That kind of stuff isn’t fun at all. Everyone knows that. If you’ve been doing that kind of stuff, no doubt you’re flustered, and you don’t know what to do next because it’s just not working for you.  

Old school mlm lead gen at the local mall image


I know at this point you’re probably thinking, “Well Paul, you’re not being much help. You’re telling me all this stuff that isn’t gonna work. If you know that leads are iffy, and these other methods you just spoke about are ineffective, then how am I going to get my business to grow? How am I gonna get these leads? 

Social Media Lead Generation

Well, the next logical step is to hop online with social media right? 

The problem is most reps use the internet and use social media to spam. They use the same broken methods and same broken message, but online. 

They bug people, they don’t use proper marketing tactics, and they turn people off. They scare them away and ruin relationships. That’s not what we want. 

Spamming does not work. Posting endless pitches about your business and about your products? Guess what? Nobody cares. It’s annoying. 

Social Media Lead Gen methods for Network Marketing image

So we need to find a better way to do it and there are better ways. So before we move on, let’s do a quick overview on what not to do versus what you should be doing. 


What not to do: 

  • Don’t display your company’s name and just come across as an infomercial.  
  • Don’t plaster your timeline with stuff that has your company’s name in it or with the products and the graphics of your company, without any thought to why the people might want to use these products. 
  • Don’t send people to your replicated site 
  • Don’t assume that everything with a pulse wants your specific products. It’s annoying and it drives people away. 


Some good examples of what to post on social media:   

  • Use curiosity  
  • Start off give general tips.  
  • Attract people who are generally interested in what your marketing. If they’re coming to you because they’re interested in what you’re talking about, then half the battle is done right there. That’s a massive step forward.  
  • Offer value in regards to what the products could do for people. Everybody has a pain point and you want to establish what that is and how you can help. Offer value. Offer and provide excellent tips and helpful information.  

Then you can get serious people that are interested. They’re going to come to you, whether it’s about your products or the business potential.  

The fastest way to slow down your growth in your business, or to get you to the point of being so flustered that you quit is to refuse to learn to be professional marketer.  

You need to market in a very smart and specific way. You also need to network. Both of these words are in the title of what we do… network marketing. There’s a big difference between that and just going out and yelling from the rooftops. 

Instead, when you start offering tips and you start offering value upfront, you’re pre-selling your prospects and they’re going to listen to you. They’re going to see that you have all sorts of value and information that can help them with their problems. The keyword being “Their”, and when you position yourself as an authority and offer a solution to their problems, they’re gonna listen to you. 

The big difference here is you’re not going to have to chase them. Instead, they’ll contact you.  

And that right there is what it’s all about! 


If you’re like me, you’re gonna want to use high quality Network Marketing leads right? Who wouldn’t? By using these you can make the best use of your time and money (if you even have to output any $$$ at all). 

I’d much rather have 10 MLM Leads that are self-generated that I can get for free than 1,000 leads of questionable quality. And it’s not just about the money that I’d spend for these paid leads, it’s just as much about the time I’d put in trying to sift and sort through all of that not knowing where it’s going to get me.  


My opinion is any lead that you’re going to generate yourself is going to be way better than something you can buy from someone else. So, why is that? It’s because when you create your own leads, they’re specific to your business, to your industry. People are going to know what they’re getting into when they start requesting information from you.  

Remember earlier when we were talking about paid leads and how often they’re resold to other people as well. In this case, you’re not going to have to worry about a handful of other network marketers trying to recruit that person into their business and their opportunity or sell them their products. 

When you create your leads, they’re for you, and you’re not likely going to have that happening. Sure, there can be competitions going to be other people online, but the likelihood of having all this extra competition all in one spot all at the same time is highly unlikely.  


And that leads me to wrap up all this information into one package and to finally answer the question, what is the best MLM lead generation method?  

The best MLM and direct sales leads in my opinion are the ones that you generate for yourself and the bonus is there’s usually very little costs or no cost. You want these leads to come from social media or from blogs. The greatest thing about that is when you’re working online, you can actually build from home.  

You don’t have to be travelling all over the place, you can be at home. You can be present to do what you need to do at home and to live your life. That’s a beautiful thing right there.  

To make it even better there’s a trick to supercharge this entire process.  

You can absolutely do everything manually, you can hang out on social media or blogs and you can spend your time manually doing everything. You can manually send comments to people but we’re in 2020 now. There’s a lot of amazing technology we can use to speed things up. It’ll let you live your life to its fullest.  

So why not automate things?  

There’s all sorts of great tech and ways to do that and it’s an absolute no brainer for me, but it amazes me how many people fight it. I do understand the fact that there’s a lot of people that are fearful or not comfortable with technology, but like with anything else that’s new, we need to spend some time with it to learn. Then you realize that it’s not that bad.  

Plus even if you are afraid of it and you’re uncomfortable with it, isn’t it worth fighting through that to get the life that you want? In order to get success in your business I think it totally is.  


I know I’ve given you a lot of information so let’s sum this all up.  

In my opinion, I’d rather have people that are already interested in what I’m offering, contact me. That way there is gonna be a lot less friction. It’s going to be a lot easier to build rapport, to get to know that person, because they’ve come to me. The dynamic is completely different! Does that make sense?  


So at this point, these are the questions you need to ask yourself and it’ll lead you to what to do next. Do you want to build your business without: 

  • Buying questionable leads 
  • Wandering around using the three-foot rule 
  • Jumping out of magazine racks trying to strike up conversations with complete strangers.   
  • Yelling about your stuff on social media  
  • Spamming 


If you don’t want to do any of that stuff and when you’re ready to start generating network marketing leads online I encourage you to go to It’s everything you’re going to need to learn about with how to generate MLM leads online, and on autopilot. You can get started on the path of building your team the right way. So definitely check that out. I’ve packaged everything into one amazing program that’ll get you started the right way! 


The biggest point I want to make about all of this is:
It’s great to be able to generate leads, however you choose to do it, BUT…
The offer you send them to is even more important. If the offer isn’t amazing then all of that work is for nothing.

If you want to see what offer is converting like crazy and will surely dominate 2021, then click the button below.

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