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Bitnamix Review

Bitnamix is a cryptocurrency based program that launched in early September 2020. Since cryptocurrency is such a hot topic and has worked its way into all aspects of life, it’s no wonder it’s found it’s way into Network Marketing and Affiliate programs.

With many currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) exploding with huge gains at the tail end of 2020 and into early 2021, there is a lot to be excited about. So let’s dig in and see what they are all about.

Bitnamix Overview first launched Sept 13th, 2020 and labelled themselves as the very 1st decentralized Bitcoin matrix system. If you’re looking for something with a completely different design, then take a look at Fomoex Filecoin mining by clicking here.

There is no actual listed founder but mention that the company had been created by a group of successful cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The platform itself however is self-executing so there is no administrator or team required to manage the system. Bitnamix explain themselves as a transparent online investment program that that just so happens to be structured on the BTC blockchain. Their goal is to create a way in which all of their members can obtain financial freedom through BTC via their individual marketing and networking potential.

So here is what they had to say about themselves on their site:

  • They are the 1st completely decentralized BTC matrix and unilevel program of its kind.
  • They are already recognized by experts as disrupting the online marketing and crypto industries.
  • That they offer all of the above providing the confidence and knowledge that your Bitcoin is secure and safe on their platform.
  • They blend the best of Profitability, Trust, Sustainability, Integrity and Accountability. state that they utilize a highly advanced comp plan (by combining the best parts of various other programs) to give their users incredible short term profits. On top of that, the official site mentions that the system utilizes a number propriety design frameworks and unique algorithms to help its members bring in a substantial amount of BTC on a regular basis.

In short, Bitnamix is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunity that is designed to help members earn Bitcoin after they invest funds into the platform. The creators state that if the platform is used wisely, that users to bring in 6 and 7-figure profits all within the first week. Now, I’m not saying this isn’t possible but those numbers are highly unlikely. Success loves speed, but 7 figures within a week is a bit much to claim in a general statement in my opinion.

To start with the platform, members will need to invest a minimum of 0.006 BTC and pay a $25 monthly administration fee.

How Does Bitnamix Work?

When a new member joins the program, they’re given access to twelve different earning levels. As with a Matrix based program, if the 1st level is filled, spillover occurs. There are no deadlines and members have as much time as required to fill their matrices.

To start with Bitnamix, a new member should have a wallet (something like Exodus, Klever, etc..) with enough Bitcoin to activate their account. If you don’t have any BTC, you can buy some directly on their platform by hitting the buy bitcoin icon in the dashboard. Then you can go ahead and signup as a member by using a referral link. If you don’t have a referral link, their system will automatically place you with an existing user.

After that, new members will be directed to activate their account with a $25 monthly fee. The monthly fee (which is also referenced as a Unilevel fee) activates your account on the platform which then allows new members to unlock levels in their matrix. The lowest amount of Bitcoin required for the initial matrix level is 0.0006 Bitcoin.
Bitnamix Pack Levels
From here, the more people you refer to joining the system, the more income you’ll earn. Then as your downline members bring in new members, you’ll earn via their referrals as well.  Bitnamix have 6 levels in their system, and members can earn through all 6 referral levels.

Here’s how the company explains it:

After you have paid into the system new members have activated the thirteen levels of earning potential. At this point the 3x triple your Bitcoin system begins.

Since we’ve touched on the pay plan, let’s explore it further below.

Bitnamix Compensation Plan

As mentioned above we’re looking at a 6 level comp plan, in which you can earn through all 6 levels. This translates to you earning income when you recruit new members, and then can earn additional income when your downline members refer new people to the platform.

Matrix Levels

Bitnamix have a total of 13 pack levels which can be activated all at once, or gradually over time. Every pack/matrix has a cost in BTC, and the higher the cost of the pack/matrix has, the higher the level being unlocked. All of these matrix levels have 6 positions that can be filled. The only difference between levels being the cost and earning potential.


  • You’ll need to pay the $25 monthly fee in BTC to Bitnamix in order to earn from the plan
  • Any personal referrals are actually registered under another person if they buy into a higher level than you (Basically you have to own that level yourself in order to benefit from it)
  • Every matrix recycles automatically once the 6th position has been filled up
  • The packs/matrix levels can be purchased all at once or individually, but only one after the other.

Bitnamix Matrix
Bitnamix have a couple of components to their overall compensation plan. First they have a 2X2 Matrix portion. They also have a Unilevel Plan.

2X2 Matrix Portion

This part is referred to as the 3x matrix because it allows members earn up to 3 incomes prior to the matrix cycle being completed. This applies to any and all purchased and activated matrix levels. As mentioned, every matrix has a maximum of 6 positions to be filled by new referrals before the cycle is complete.

The 1st two levels are passed up to the sponsor. Positions 3,4, and 5 go straight to you (making it the 3x income they mentioned). The 6th position completes the cycle by going to your sponsor. From here the entire process begins again as you begin a fresh matrix. It’s worth mentioning that it pays members 100% income via your downline – from one wallet to the other.

Unilevel Portion

This is what they refer to as residual income and is paid out daily. This is from that above mentioned $25 monthly platform fee.

Here is what that looks like:

  • First lvl – 3%
  • Second lvl – 5%
  • Third lvl – 7%
  • Fourth lvl – 13%
  • Fifth lvl – 25%
  • Sixth lvl – 42%

Bitnamix Unilevel
When you add it all up, you get a total of 95% and Bitnamix pays out these earnings at midnight every day.

Bitnamix Comp Plan Unilevel

Bitnamix Compensation Plan


Spillover is when the downline placed below you is from your upline as opposed to being personally referred by you. In this platform, it’s possible to get the 3x passive income even if you don’t refer a single person. How you might be thinking? That’s because it came from your upline. Usually when the upline puts members below you to finalize a matrix cycle.

It’s also possible to benefit from spillover income when there is a purchase of a higher pack/matrix level than what the sponsor has paid into and activated. Remember, you need to own that level in order to be paid on it.

Final Thoughts?

Bitnamix has some positives for sure. It’s automated, decentralized, as well as transparent. It also has an aggressive compensation plan. While Bitcoin is a hot currency and makes it easy to talk about it has a major draw back. The company made the level unlock fees based in Bitcoin. As most of us know, Bitcoins value has skyrocketed making the cost to unlock each level go up proportionately. I think having a set dollar amount of currency keeps things more consistent and reduces any potential confusion.

With that all being said, I can say that Bitnamix is just not for me as I feel there are much better and much more complete crypto based offerings in the market.

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