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Daisy Tron Review

UPDATE (March 14th, 2021): The project has decided to switch from using TRX to USDT (Tether) TRC20. Please note that USDT TRC20 is on the Tron network and that TRX will still be used for any transaction fees.

This is excellent news as a stable coin will remove the volatility from payments in and out.

I guess you could now also refer to the Daisy AI project as Daisy USDT.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of chatter about Daisy Tron. I know many of you might be thinking, what exactly is it… so I decided to put together this Daisy review.

What Is DaisyTron?

In short, it’s a crypto based MLM such as Bitnamix, but with a slightly different spin on things. I say different in that it has a residual income component. I mean, the residual income is one of the main things that we want out of a network marketing opportunity, right? This residual addition makes things quite interesting.

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI System and is being developed by a company well known in the industry called Endotech. Think of this as a highly disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies, which in this case is cryptocurrency. They label Daisy Ai as transparent trading crossed with crowdfunding.

The technology of choice will be a smart contract based on Tron, which often goes by the name TRX. Because of this you will likely see Daisy go by a number of names depending on the circles you are in.

Some might be:

  • Daisy Tron (DaisyTron)
  • Daisy TRX (DaisyTRX)
  • Daisy cryptocurrency (Daisy crypto)
  • Daisy MLM
  • Daisy Ai
  • Daisy crowdfunding (Daisy crowd funding)
  • Daisy blockchain


What Makes Daisy Global Unique

  • It’s a highly disruptive crowd funding setup for financial tech.
  • It’s a smart contract found on the blockchain, and not a company.
  • It’s an opportunity where everyone can benefit via rewards and equity.
  • It’s members get special profit rewards as well as stock equity


What Is Tron (TRX)?

This crytocurrency was launched by entrepreneur Sun Yuchen (aka Justin Sun), who is a well known 2 time recipient of the Forbes’ “30-Under-30” award in Asia.

It first appeared in 2017 during the peak of the mainstream crypto hype, and initially was developed as an Ethereum based token. Tron eventually switched over to its own network in 2018. It gained mainstream attention that year when the Tron Foundation acquired BitTorrent (you know, the pioneer of peer to peer networking).

What Does The TRON Smart Contract Platform Offer?

  • Their Smart Contract Tech creates a safe process between DAISY and their customers
  • The powerful TRON Blockchain allows future scaling of transaction limits and has very low transactional fees
  • Because of this every Smart Contract transaction is transparent and can be verified via the blockchain
  • Once the Contract is launched, it will go on indefinitely. It is indestructible as well as immutable


Endotech Will Manage The Daisy AI

Endotech AI is listed as the exclusive tech partner and are known for developing AI for algorithmic trading in the crypto sector.

Dr. Anna Becker – Co-founder and Managing Director

  • A fun fact about Dr. Becker is that at the young age of 19 she solved a math equation that had been left unsolved for over twenty years. Obviously, this got peoples attention and landed her a job as a professor at a university.
  • At the age of twenty Dr. Becker discovered an approximation algorithm by a factor of 2. This algorithm currently has a wide variety of applications in VLSI chip designs, data-base systems, as well as operating systems.
  • By 2017 she was appointed by the Finance Commission to its Dispute Resolution Committe (aka DRC).
  • She earned her Ph.D in AI at the world renowned Technion University, and has since founded and sold a number of artificial intelligece companies in the FinTech industry.
  • Dr. Beckers publications are circulated in the elite AI financial/trading circles across both Europe and the U.S.
  • More impressively, her Machine Learning has been used by a number of the world’s largest banks and funds globally.
  • Dr. Becker’s complex algorithms currently manage over a Billion dollars of investment (AUM) and have been in use managing funds for large institutions for over a decade. Her and her team have over twenty proprietary AI systems in use and act as the AI based infastructure for trading at upwards of a hundred and fifty investment firms all across Europe, the U.S, as well as Asia.


Dmitry Gooshchin – Co-founder and COO

  • Dmitry has over fifteen years of experience in the Algorithmic trading field
  • He has a specialized skillset that focuses on the development of complex mathematical algorithms as well as pattern recognition
  • He is a chess Grandmaster, a 3x Israeli correspondence chess champion, National chess team member in the Euro and World Championships, as well as the Olympics.
  • He has a M.Sc. in Astrophysics plus a B.Sc. in Physics & Planetary Sciences by way of the Tel Aviv University.
  • His published papers have been in the world’s biggest technical professional organizations for electronic engineering

The various Endotech founders have been trading on a number of markets for a combined experience of over 90 years. Their bot carries out auto trades on well known crypto exchanges such as: Kraken, Binance, BitMEX, Bitfinex, and have a proven track record of getting positive results.

So What Does The Daisy Endotech Partnership Mean?

  • Daisy AI is thought to be the next gen of AI trading which is expected to better the current AI performances by up to 4 times.
  • Eighty five percent of the profits from trading will be rewarded back to the many Daisy TRX members

Daisy Endotech AI

Endotech performance

Tron Daisy Comp Plan

  • The Daisy Referral Plan will fund ten million dollars to Daisy Tron AI for ongoing development
  • There are 10 Crowd Funding Packs to pick from starting at just one hundred dollars.
  • All contributor get their equal share of five percent Endotech stock.
  • Fifty to seventy percent of every pack is used in live trading for development.
  • Seventy percent of the trading profit is rewarded back.
  • Fifteen percent of the trading profit goes to the residual referral plan.
  • Every member is able to participate in the referral plan.
  • The Daisy referral plan pays out up to forty six percent of each Crowdfund package.

Daisy Crypto MLM
Let’s dig in and take a much more detailed look at how it all works….

Daisy Compensation Plan Breakdown

In the Daisy compensation plan you don’t have to refer people into the program as you can earn passive income from the companies trading activities.

BUT, if you want to maximize the Daisy pay plan then you can refer and earn.

Upfront Commissions

  • 3×10 Forced Matrix Bonus
  • Personal Referral Bonus
  • Matrix Check Matching Bonus
  • Pacesetter Revenue Share Bonus
  • Upfront Infinity Bonus
  • Infinity Check Matching Bonus

Residual Income Via Trading Profits

  • 10 Generation Unilevel Trading Bonus
  • Infinity Residual Bonus
  • Infinity Check Matching Bonus

Stock Equity

  • Pace-Setter Equity Bonus


Daisy Crowd Funding Packs

There are ten Daisy packs to choose from and start at just one hundred dollars, and double with each level.

Packs 1-7: Fifty percent goes into the fund for trading

Packs 8-10: Seventy percent goes to the fund for trading

  • Seventy percent of the trading profits are rewarded back to the participants
  • Fifteen percent of the trading profit gets put into referral residual plan portion
  • You can withdraw trading profits whenever you like
  • All participants get shares in Endotech, 5% of the company shared equally
  • Up to forty six percent Upfront Payout in Referral Potion of the Plan
  • The Referral Plan Potion will fund ten million dollars to Daisy AI for ongoing development

Daisy Tron Packs
As they make clear: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Historical results are with compound returns.

Daisy Pay Plan – 3×10 Matrix

The backbone of the pay plan is a 3×10 forced matrix.
Daisy Tron Matrix
The first two levels have no obligation to refer people, but you can earn with Spillover. Although the Matrix is limited to 10 levels (that means it can still hold 88,572 people) and you can earn with all packages purchased in each unlocked level. In order to qualify for a commission on a particular package, one must have purchased the same package level as the person joining.
Daisy 3x10 Matrix
Example: If someone buys a level 6 package in your 10 levels and you only own one level 4 package, that commission then goes to the next qualified person.

In order to get paid for Levels 3 through 10, you need to meet personal sponsoring requirements.
Daisy Comp plan

Check Matching Bonus From Matrix Income

  • 5% direct bonus on all crowd fund packs referred (No requirement for 5% personal referral bonuses)
  • 10% of matrix earnings of your personal referrals (first generation), 1% from the second and 0.5% from the third according to the linear genealogy.
  • It’s paid on their same # of generations that the member has personally qualified for.

Daisy Check Matching

Unilevel Residual Trading Bonus

  • Residuals pay out when a member withdraws their trading profits
  • 1st and 2nd generation qualifications are not required (so you can automatically benefit from the trading profits on Lvl 1&2)
  • Level 1 has a trading override of 3.5% while levels 2-10 are 1% each
  • The qualification rules for generations three thru ten are the same as the qualification in the matrix portion
  • Full dynamic compression allows you to earn from lower levels if they aren’t qualified
  • There are no limit on residuals

Daisy Tron Unilevel Trading Bonus

Daisy Infinity Profit Bonus (Infinity Club)

1. Reach one million dollars in total team sales in your first 30 days


2. Reach ten million dollars in total team sales with no time limit on that volume

  • Receive 1% of all withdrawn trading profits from all levels of your unilevel
  • Get a 100% matching bonus from the first generation of qualified Daisy Infinity Club partners
  • Get a 50% matching bonus from the second generation of qualified Daisy Infinity Club partners

Daisy Infinity Bonus

Daisy Pacesetter Bonus


Shares of the company when buying any package and at a quick start, which will be exchanged for its shares upon entering the IPO.

When buying a minimum investment package for $100, 1 share in the company is issued, the maximum for the $ 51,200 (level 10 pack) is 1023 shares.

Daisy AI – Conclusion

As you can see Daisy Tron is making waves with it’s crypto trading AI via Endotech allowing people to benefit from passive ai trading profits as well as a referral plan.

If you are in between opportunities and looking for something to sink your teeth into or have just been looking for a solid crypto based MLM then look no further… Daisy crowdfunding by way of the blockchain is here. Also keep in mind that their roadmap will also have them entering into the Forex, DeFi, and Commodities markets very soon creating an all in one Ai platform.

That being said I do feel there are better opportunities out there.

If you’re looking for something that is easy to share and has one of the best comp plans in the industry, click the button below.

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