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Easy1Up Review

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online, you’ve no doubt seen Easy1Up and are likely curious if it is an Easy1Up scam or a legit way to create an income.

1st off, I want to say “good on ya” for taking the time out of your day to actually research Easy 1 Up. Far too many folks either write off great opportunities or on the flip side, fall for scams because they don’t take the time to properly look into them. Checking into Easy1Up reviews is a first step.

It’s also worth acknowledging that most training platforms or courses are called scams because people don’t succeed, or others simply don’t like the look of it. I can tell you from my years in the online space that very few people actually put in the required effort to get the results they expect.
Basically I’m saying their lack of success is an inside job.

So, I’ll start out this Easy1Up review by saying that Easy 1up is definitely not a scam. The program offers a lot of solid digital content and great training. That being said, it might not be the best choice for someone also looking for significant residual income. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds in regards to immediate commissions as well as long term residuals, click here to see what I recommend.

Let’s carry on with the review and dig into what they offer!

Is Easy1Up a Scam?

Like I mentioned above, I don’t think Easy One Up is a scam at all. Easy1Up affiliates gain access to excellent products that show people how to market online. Any platform or program, whether it’s MLM, or affiliate marketing has to have a product and with this you have a digital training product.

Easy1Up Overview

Easy1Up is a company that sells digital informational products that teach people how to make money online.

In the affiliate marketing, MMO (make money online) or work from home space there are a ton of systems/platforms, training courses and guides that show you how to get started and succeed. Many show us just how to promote their product or platform while others show us how to build your own business through blogging or ads, and some show us both. This platform teaches both.

It’s a system, that has digital training, that can be marketed and sold in itself through a number of different packages, or it can be utilized to gain the knowledge of how to market and sell other products and services. Because of this, the information is quite valuable.

The company is run by Peter Wolfing, who has run other opportunities in the past and the site is about 4 years old. I mention this to highlight that it’s not a brand new domain and that this is not a startup.

It’s comprised of six tiers, ranging from a beginners guide to affiliate marketing, and transitioning up to advanced techniques such as how to take advantage of Facebook Ads, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

How to Make Money as an Easy1Up Affiliate

You earn commission by sharing your affiliate link. This can be done via various paid traffic sources or organically with free traffic. The payout are generally immediate (depending on how you choose to take payment) and affiliates keep 100% of the commissions! We’ll explore this more below.

Easy1Up Compensation Plan:

With most platforms you earn a percentage commission (such as 40% or 50% of the total price), but with the Easy1Up comp plan you basically earn 100% of the tier fee, (you don’t get any of the admin fee used to keep the company operational).

An additional component that makes them unique is their 1Up or ReverseUp system.

This kind of system is an affiliate process, where your 2nd commission on each of the program levels goes to the person who referred you. When this happens that person becomes part of your referrers affiliates, not yours.

To recap:
The 1st commission payment goes to you, the second goes to the person who referred you and moving forward all other commissions are yours.

While some people might feel cheated by this layout because they feel like they did the work for that 2nd sale, remember that it just happens once for each product type. Additionally, in the big picture the exact same thing happens for you with new affiliates you bring in, so the earning potential is far greater than what you pass up.

Keep in mind that you can’t earn commissions on product levels that you haven’t purchased.
I’ve always preached that you need to have at least tried a product before recommending it to others, and this was a great thing to see included in their system.

Basically, if you sell a product tier that you haven’t purchased yourself, then that commission will go to the next person above you who does own it. This is one of the greatest reasons to go all in.

Easy 1 Up Products

Let’s have a quick look at the Easy1Up products and tiers. There are 6 tiers that range from $25-$2000. Each tier has a non-commisionable admin fee ranging from $5-$500. Each tier is a 1-time payment, were you’ll unlock everything below if you purchase a higher one.
Easy1up Elevation Product

Level 1: Elevation

Cost $25 plus a $5 admin fee. This is the basic tier Which is an introduction to Affiliate Marketing. You’re looking at about twenty-four videos covering topics like: mindset, autoresponders, how to find companies/products to promote, as well as how to build bonuses. For it’s $30 price tag it’s a fantastic place for people new to the industry to start.

Level 2: Elevation Elite

Cost $100 plus a $10 admin fee. This is were they get into traffic and marketing. You’ll find about twenty videos focusing on things like SoloAds, Youtube, Facebook (networking), and even how to grow your email list.

Easy1Up Vertex products

Level 3: Vertex

Cost $250 plus a $25 admin fee. This is were things start to get real, and they start to tackle the nuts and bolts of Affiliate Marketing and how to have the right mindset. This is a to have people understand and get away from a get rich quick mentality and more towards building a lifetime asset in the form of a business. This level also begins to breakdown how to craft and build your own offer. It’s a lot like Russell Brunson teaches… in that it’s all about creating additional offers around your main offer to increase it’s overall value. At this point you’ll have added another twenty-eight videos. That’s a lot of video in total and the value is really stacking up at this point.

Level 4: Vertex Elite

Cost $500 plus a $50 admin fee. It goes over how to craft your own products, leverage others products, use live videos/webinars, and so much more. What’s amazing is that it covers a lot of ground and is on par with other courses than cost way more than the $550 they are asking for.

Level 5: Vertex Pro

Cost $1,000 plus a $100 admin fee. This Tier of Vertex, takes all of your previous learning and ramps it up by giving tips, tricks, and hints. We’re talking another forty-two videos of excellent info.

Level 6: Vertex Live

Cost $2,000 plus a $500 admin fee. Here you’ll get another 14 lessons were you get step by step guides as opposed to high level info.


Easy1Up Extras and Bonuses

What’s great about Easy1Up is that it lets you to integrate their system with things like Multiple Income Funnel, which is an all in one system that allows you to promote a number of different income streams all from one link. Just add in your Easy 1 Up details and start sending traffic to it.


For those people that are new to Affiliate Marketing and need to be able to earn while they learn, then this is likely right up their alley, and is an excellent way to get started with affiliate marketing. If you’ve been around a while, and either want to scale things or perhaps get into a high ticket offer then this fits the bill as well.

There is a tier for everyone depending on where an individual is on their online marketing journey, which makes it easy to market to a wide variety of audiences. As you can see, the program and system is quite versatile and covers a lot of scenarios. Add in Multiple Income Funnel and you have an excellent premade system to market with.

Something that I really like, and to be honest it surprised me, is just how good, relevant and detailed the training content is. This makes it easy to sell as a straight training product package as well.
Add in the fantastic communities based around this and MIF and you have a winner (if you’re looking for something affiliate based).

Update: Profits Passport is no longer available but Multiple Income Funnel (MIF) has taken its place.

That all being said, the one really big thing that this program is missing is a way to make significant residual income. It’s a selling program, so when you stop selling, you stop getting paid.
Because of that, I’d have to say there are much better ways to generate income from home.

If you want to see what I recommend for generating an income from home (that does have residuals), then click the button below.

Yes! Show Me What It Is.

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