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Epic Trading Review

This Epic Trading review is long overdue since a good number of people are really into forex. 2020 was a big year for forex and crypto MLM’s and things aren’t slowing down in 2021. Purely digital opportunities are currently the hot trend and to be honest I don’t see that going away anytime soon. There were already a lot of experienced network marketers that were already shifting away from physical products in order to focus on service/digital based programs and the forex and crypto space fit that bill nicely.

Let’s start out with a company overview.


Epic Trading International Overview

Epic Trading launched in Sept 2020 and is a forex based network marketing company. It was founded by current CEO, David McCovy and is based out of Henderson, Nevada, in the US.

David McCovy has previously been involved in the MLM industry which is nice to see. Back in 2014 he achieved the rank of Senior Vice President in 5Linx. After that he moved to the no longer in business Paycation. After it closed it’s doors he created his own own version of Paycation called Evolution travel, which is still running today. Something of note, is that David has traditional entrepreneurial experience outside of the network marketing industry. He has owned a restaurant, a clothing store, a concert company, and has additionally invested into a Hollywood film.

As you continue reading this, you’ll likely see a resemblance to the Tradera business model. A couple of other recognisable industry names are Jonathan Green and Spencer Iverson.

Epic Trading Company Details:

Name: Epic Trading LLC

Founding Date: Sept 2020

CEO & Founder: David McCovy

Official Website:

In regards to what they do;

The Epic Trading company supplies digital products such as forex education, market forecasts, trading alerts, live trade sessions, fundamental analysis, a network marketing compensation plan, as well as corporate events.

And in case you’re wondering… EPIC stands for Exceptional People Incredible Compensation.


What Is Forex?

Forex stands for foreign exchange and is basically the changing of one type of currency into another. This can be for a variety of reasons, but is generally done for trading, commerce, as well as tourism. A recent report generated from the Bank for International Settlements, more than $5.1 trillion is the daily forex trading volume average.

  • The forex market is a worldwide marketplace for changing one national currency into another
  • Various currencies are traded against one another as pairs. Example: USD/EUR
  • Due to the global scope of commerce, trade, and finance, the forex markets are generally the biggest and most liquid asset markets on the planet
  • Basically the forex market is where all sorts of currencies are traded

Currencies are vital to almost everyone across the globe, regardless if they realize it or not. The reason being that currencies have to be exchanged to conduct global business as well as foreign trade.

For example: Say you are living in the Canada. and want to buy product xyz from the US…

Either you or the company that xyz is purchased from needs to pay the US for xyz in US dollars (USD). Meaning the Canadian importer needs to exchange the equal value of Canadian dollars (CAD) into USD. Additionally the same goes for anything in any part of the world. When travelling things need to be paid for in the locally accepted currency. That’s why tourists and travellers convert their currency for the local currency of the place they are visiting.

What’s different about this international trading market is that there isn’t a central marketplace. Instead, currency trading is all done electronically, meaning every transaction happens by computer networks between various traders globally, instead of it being in one centralized exchange. The foreign exchange trading market is available twenty four hours a day, 5.5 days of the week,. Because this market is global it encompasses almost all time zones, meaning that when trading in the U.S. comes to a close, the forex market is just opening up in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Due to this, the foreign exchange market is very busy any time of the day.

The History of Forex

The traditional stock markets, go back hundreds of years but today’s forex market is a new market. At the root of it forex has been a thing ever since countries started minting their own currencies, but the modern forex markets are a much more modern creation. 1971 brought us the the accord at Bretton Woods which allowed more major currencies to freely float against each other. Due to the fact that the values of each currency can vary at any given time, the demand and requirement for forex trading and services has skyrocketed. It’s such a big deal that the major banks and investment companies are heavily involved in this market for themselves as well as their clients.


Epic Forex Programs

Epic Trading is a worldwide company that helps to train and educate people by providing a number of educational resources. This helps to create the environment for newcomers to learn valuable skills as well as going after their financial goals. EPIC Trading does actually has a number of educational products in this industry. What is nice, is that the material is geared towards people new to the sector.

The Epic Trading Forex programs are:

Epic Trading Membership – Epic Scholar

(EPIC Forex Education Platform) $134.99/month

This membership includes access to all of the Epic services including:

  • Epic University
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Epic Trade Alerts
  • Market Forecasts
  • As well as Member Support

Epic Trading programs

Note: Individuals involved as Epic Scholars cannot earn commissions and bonuses from the Epic pay plan unless they also join as an IBO. The company recommends that all parties interested the compensation program first sign-up as an Epic Scholar. This will allow people to try out the platform and its services so they can make an informed decision regarding also being an IBO/rep..


Epic International trading/marketing membership.

IBO (Independent Business Owner) $14.99/month USD

Becoming an IBO allows eligibility for commissions and bonuses from Epic’s referral program. Independent Business Owners can promote Epic’s services and can also access their back-office to manage their business effectively.

Epic Trading Membership
Note: The Epic IBO Membership doesn’t give you access to the Epic University mentioned above.

Epic Trading Comp Plan

We’ve mentioned the comp plan in passing, so let’s take a closer look as to how it works.

First off, reps will need to personally refer a minimum of three 3 people to earn from the compensation plan. Consider it a basic requirement.

These personal referrals get positioned in 1 of your 3 legs. As is the norm, the amount of income you can earn depends on the rank you achieve. In order to qualify for these various ranks you’ll need a certain number of active reps in each of your three legs.

Example: The Founder 5000 Rank, requires a total of at least two hundred team members. You need to have a min of one hundred members in the left leg, one hundred in the middle leg, and fifty in the right leg.


Epic Trading Ranks

  • Founder – Maintain a minimum of three active personally referred customers. One customer has to be on your first, second, and third leg. This will result with the IBO getting a free membership.
  • Founder 500 – Maintain a minimum of ten active downline IBO’s/customers. Four have to be on your first leg, four on your second, and two on your third. This generates an income of $125/week, or $500/month.
  • Founder 1000 – Maintain a minimum of thirty active downline IBO’s/customers. Twelve have to be on your first leg, twelve on your second, and six on your third. This generates an income of $250/week, or $1000/month.
  • Founder 2000 – Maintain a minimum of eighty active downline IBO’s/customers. Thirty-two have to be on your first leg, thirty-two on your second, and sixteen on your third. This generates an income of $500/week, or $2000/month.
  • Founder 5000 – Maintain a minimum of two hundred and fifty active downline IBO’s/customers. A hundred have to be on your first leg, one hundred on your second, and fifty on your third. This generates an income of $1250/week, or $5000/month.
  • Ambassador 10 – Maintain a minimum of five-hundred active downline IBO’s/customers. Two-hundred have to be on your first leg, with two-hundred on your second, and one hundred on your third. This generates an income of $2500/week, or $10,000/month.
  • Ambassador 20 – Maintain a minimum of a thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Four hundred have to be on your first leg, four hundred on your second, and two hundred on your third. This generates an income of $5000/week, or $20,000/month.
  • Ambassador 50 – Maintain a minimum of two thousand and five hundred active downline IBO’s/customers. A thousand have to be on your first leg, with a thousand on your second, and five hundred on your third. This generates an income of $12,500/week, or $50,000/month.
  • Icon 100 – Maintain a minimum of five thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Two thousand have to be on your first leg, two thousand on your second, and one thousand on your third. This generates an income of $25,000/week, or $100,000/month.
  • Icon 200 – Maintain a minimum of fifteen thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Six thusand have to be on your first leg, with six thousand on your second, and three thousand on your third. This generates an income of $50,000/week, or $200,000/month.
  • Icon 500 – Maintain a minimum of fourty thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Sixteen thousand have to be on your first leg, sixteen thousand on your second, and eight thousand on your third. This generates an income of $125,000/week, or $500,000/month.
  • EPIC – Maintain a minimum of seventy five thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Thirty thousand have to be on your first leg, with thirty thousand on your second, and fifteen thousand on your third. This generates an income of $250,000/week, or $1,000,000/month.

Epic Trading Comp Plan

Note there is also a volume requirement to achieve ranks.

Pay is every Friday.


Additional Rewards:

  • Founder 5000 – customized diamond dog tags
  • Ambassador 10 – $5,000 cash/6 figure diamond ring
  • Ambassador 50 – All expense paid trip to Dubai
  • Icon 100 – Rolex
  • Icon 200 – Your choice of a Tesla, Cadillac, or Mercedes (They register it in your name so it’s yours. No leasing obligations as with most other companies)
  • Icon 500 – Gold and Black Lamborghini
  • Epic – Private jet service


Epic Trading Leadership Team

You might be wondering who is involved, so here they are:

David McCovy
David McCovyFounder
David is from Las Vegas, Nevada. Being a serial entrepreneur, starting new businesses and building them up is nothing new to him.

Although he has had a number of more traditional businesses, when David first experienced the power of network marketing, he was all in. He rapidly achieved top earner status as a rep in the companies he partnered with. In 2015 he decided to start his own MLM businesses and has generated in excess of $200 million in sales.

Spencer Iverson
Spencer IversonPresident
Spencer is a 26+ year veteran in the direct sales industry. He’s also a businessman who’s gained great success as a self-made entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, business consultant, attorney, and personal development expert. Spenser Iverson has had guest spots in The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Essence, Success from Home, as well as a number of other magazines. He’s additionally been featured in as well as written articles for a number of national publications, television programs, and radio shows.

Spencer was among “Atlanta’s Top 100 Most Powerful and Influential Men.” in 2009, and continues to train and consult executives for various Fortune 500 companies.

Mark Sterling
Mark SterlingVice President Of Sales
Mark Sterling has 25+ years of experience as a sales trainer, motivational speaker, corporate America executive,as well as the direct sales experience.
He was the number 1 income earner with a previous company, growing a team of over 70,000 consultants, and was responsible for in excess of $100,000,000 in revenue.

In addition, Mark also served as the VP of Sales for a health and wellness company. In under 6 months, they became 1 of the top 30 quickest growing home-based business globally.

Mark has also created mentoring & leadership programs for entrepreneurs throughout Asia, Africa, as well as North America.

David Liciaga
David LiciagaVice President Of Business Development
David is a distinguished online marketer and team builder.
With over twenty years of experience he has developed a very unique approach to building, training and duplicating huge teams.
His consistent success in this area was noted when he was recognized for developing full marketing systems for companies allowing reps with very little to zero experience to get results.
Jonathan Green
Jonathan GreenGlobal Master Ambassador
Jonathan is a Computer Engineer sporting a degree in Mathematics as well as Computer Science.
Over the course of 18 years, Jonathan has accumulated vast industry experience in things like: Travel, Health and Wellness, Legal Services, as well as the FOREX sector. He has regularly grown massive teams that have created tens of millions in annual revenue.
Maxcine Bakhshizad
Maxcine BakhshizadDirector Of Forex Trading
Maxcine aka Coach Max is a 28-year-old serial entrepreneur, Network Marketer, and FOREX master trader from New York.

Coach Max currently has an audience of 80,000+ students and clients that she regularly coaches in social media marketing, business development, wealth strategies as well as FOREX trading.

Epic Trading Vision

According to their site:


Epic trading is an international training company that offers a number of educational resources and creates the environment for individuals to go after their financial goals. Additionally they are committed to offering life-altering opportunities and demonstrating unparalleled levels of character, integrity, as well as customer service.


To know the needs of all of their global members. To offer a platform for lifelong education as well as constant personal growth and self development. They also aim to empower & inspire individuals to have fun, take massive action, and to live an Epic life.


Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned at the very beginning, Epic is very similar to Tradera. Actually, they’re next near identical in their offerings and in their pay plan. David Liciaga and Coach Max were actually both involved with Tradera but have now shifted to Epic Trading instead. The word on the street is that Tradera had many issues and with things like payment issues, inaccurate team tracking, and lack of leadership, people started to look for something else. A number of large Tradera teams also moved over to Epic.

Another company that is based in forex but has a bit different of a structure that Epic and Tradera is Cash FX.

Forex is an exciting market just as crypto is, and Epic seem to be doing a good job of growing and establishing a presence in the forex industry. While I don’t have anything bad to say about Epic, it isn’t were I’ve decided to plant my flag.

If you want to know more about a company backed by respected life long entrepreneurs that are doing something new and exciting, then click the button below.

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