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MLM Leadership & Coaching Using ILT – Podcast Transcript

Welcome back to New Breed MLM radio. We’re on episode 5 today. I want to have a chat about how you can position yourself as an MLM leader and also as an expert long before you’re an expert. This works within your organisation and it also works really well on branding yourself as a network marketing coach. This is how to build raving fans and a huge following. So let’s talk about this super important topic. Let’s go.

MLM Leaders Start Early

Now I’m sure a lot of you are probably thinking, “Why is he talking about leadership?” because it might not apply to you specifically. Well, it applies to everyone because you start becoming a leader as soon as you get started in your opportunity. Everything you do, anybody you bring on to your team, they’re watching what you’re doing. It’s all about duplication right? MLM leadership starts from day one and you have to start building yourself into that leader. It takes time, it takes work, but it’s totally worth it. You have to follow the right path to set the right precedence. So let’s chat about how we do this.

Network Marketing Leadership Are Teachers

MLM teaching and education word panel

I think we can all agree that a common trait of all network marketing leaders is that they are teachers. To teach what people are looking for you’re going to need to position yourself as an expert so you can teach them things and offer value. This is gonna actually be a two for one. It’s gonna help you with building your current team and it’s also going to help you with your prospecting and recruiting. Remember the other day in episode four, we spoke about the four things that you need to do on the front end. Number one was marketing and this is gonna help with content to connect with your target audience and to attract them to you. What I like to use is called ILT, which stands for: invest, learn, and teach. This is a great method to build authority and it’s also a great way to never run out of content ideas.

I think that’s everybody’s fear. Many people struggle with content and think “What am I gonna talk about next?” This helps with that in a huge way.


Invest is exactly how it sounds, it’s just investing in yourself and investing in some content. This can be a course that you purchase, it could be a book that you bought at the store, an e-book, it could be something from audible, it can be anything. You could also invest your time, it doesn’t necessarily need to be money. There’s all sorts of great content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and all these different social platforms as well as blogs. You can find content everywhere and it’s just a matter of investing time or money, consuming it and then learning from that. All you’re looking for is content in your industry that provides value. When you provide something that really helps them out, something really great happens. They want more. Posting consistently about the things that you’re learning on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, all these experiences that you’re having, these are what attract people to you. They become the ones that truly love you for who you are and the content that you’re putting out. They love the value that you’re offering and the better the value of your post the more people it’s going to attract.


The next part of ILT is learn and that’s really just means doing. You’ve consumed the information and in order to truly learn it and fully absorb it, you want to take what you’ve made notes on, things that you find valuable and you want to implement them. Some people call this learn part “doing” or “do”, it’s the same thing. It’s just a matter of implementing what you’ve learned in order to really solidify it and to take it on as a skill that you’ll have forever.


The last part of ILT is teach. You know what’s funny guys, most people already do the first two steps. They are already investing in things and learning things,whether it’s through surfing or actually purchasing content. Then they’re doing it. They’re trying to implement it and actually move their business forward which is fantastic. But it’s the third step, this teach step that is so so critical. Teaching creates that credibility, it creates the loyal following, the authority and it really makes you an industry leader. This is where we need to focus. All we’re doing in this teaching part is sharing, teaching the best parts of what you’ve learned from the content that you’ve consumed. It’s really important to note that I’m not talking about just ripping off other people’s stuff and then passing it off as your own. I’m not saying to go out and copy everything down word for word and try and mimic their personality and their presenting style in order to make it the best. What’s truly best is to make it your own, okay. You need to take this stuff and paraphrase it. Make it your own, make it unique to you and then teach on it. Pretty much any industry out there has had their ideas used over and over and over again. It just gets recycled. A lot of this stuff comes up from years and years and years ago. I mean, look at keto. Keto’s actually been around since the 1920’s, but all of a sudden in the last few years, it got really, really popular. It’s not new, it just got pushed forward as the newest fad, the newest thing. The information’s been there all along. This is true for pretty much for any industry. Go onto Amazon or go into a bookstore and look at how many books there are for any given topic. A lot of that information is going to be similar just presented differently and that’s what we’re looking to do.

To recap ILT:

  • The I stands for invest. You’re going to invest in some information monetarily or time-wise you can consume that information.
  • The L is to learn. That means to take action and it’s to use that information and gain valuable experience by doing.
  • T is to teach. You’re going to share what you find valuable. You’re going to take your findings and you’re going to use it to attract a following or you’re going to use it to help teach your team.

Pretty simple stuff but this is how you become viewed as an MLM leader and how you actually develop yourself into a true leader for your team. This is how you build authority. This is how you gain a huge following and it ties into what we spoke about the other day with marketing and getting that following, that tribe. These people, they’re loving that specific content, the content is targeted towards who you’re looking for, and they’re going to come to you. They’re going to reach out and they’re going to ask you question.

Some want more information. Sometimes it’ll just be making a friend. Sometimes it’ll be them trying to pick your brain and sometimes it’ll be them reaching out wanting to join your team. That’s ideally what we’re after.

I’m going to give you guys a bonus step. I actually like to teach ILTT, so I add an extra T on there. So here’s a here’s a ninja tip: the second T is, teach to teach. It’s good that you can teach but you want to teach your leaders. You want to find the people that are real go-getters, that are real rock stars in your organisation. People that want to build their business and do it quickly so they can have that freedom and achieved their why. You want to teach them how to teach this to their group. It’s very easy to get caught up when you’re learning something. When somebody’s teaching you something, you’re focused on that and you’re not observing what’s going on. You’re not paying attention to the things that they’re doing in order to teach it to you, how they’re breaking down the lesson.

So, sometimes it’s good to have that taught to you separately, after the fact. So, this is the teach to teach portion and this is really, truly, developing leaders within your organisation. It’s a big step. I really, really like it. I think it’s a huge value. So always keep that in mind when you teach something that’s not the end of it. The end of the cycle is when you teach your leaders to teach it themselves.

For this, obviously I’m talking about within your organisation. This is gonna really help you grow and develop those leaders that you’re looking for.

So there you have it. There’s ILT or ILTT if you’re teaching to your group. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a dual purpose tool. You can (and should) use this to develop your MLM leadership within your organisation and you can also use it on your marketing portion to really develop a loyal tribe and following.

I just want to speak on a few additional points that encompass MLM leadership.

I mean, obviously, you can’t cover everything. There’s so many different variables. There’s so many different things. Everyone is looking for different things out of a leader. But there are some fundamentals and some things that I personally find that are a huge value and have huge importance. So let’s talk about those as well. You can take what’s important to you and you can leave the rest.

I firmly believe that network marketing leadership starts with the prospecting. It starts when people are first exposed to you. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a complete leader, an expert, and know everything. That’s not what I’m saying. But you need to exhibit some of the qualities of a leader and that’s kind of what dictates who’s attracted to you. You’re looking to attract strong people, higher quality prospects, and this is how you’re gonna do it. It goes beyond just teaching

MLM Coaching Is The Next Step

I believe in order to be an effective MLM coach you need to be able to teach but you also have to work in additional elements. The Teach to Teach method I mentioned above is the first step in that direction but we need to add in other factors that are so much more.

Network Marketing Leadership Qualities


First off we have your philosophy. This isn’t something that people often think of, but it’s really, really important. What’s your philosophy? Is it about you? Is it about your team? Building your team? Hitting your next rank, the money that you’re gonna make.

How are you presenting yourself? Basically, it’s how are you presenting your why? What are you telling people your why is. The things that you do and the things that you teach and the way that you behave. Is it mostly about you, your monetary things, and your success. Is it about numbers and ranks for others? Or is it about something much bigger?

Because if it’s something bigger, that’s where people really get excited. They can see something for themselves out of it. They know that you’re a team player, that you want to help people and that’s where they can really get behind you and become loyal followers.


Next is having a vision.

But it doesn’t matter if you simply have a vision. You have to share it. You have to be able to explain it to people in a way that they can truly understand it. The best way to really articulate and explain this vision is through your story, about what you’ve gone through, and what you want for yourself and for the people that you’re working with.

It’s so important to be a real person and to let people know through the telling of your story that they’re part of that vision. That’s when they get really excited. That’s when they really want to be part of this, because they know it’s something big, they know that they’re involved, they know they can benefit from it, and they can help share with others. That’s what the excitement is, and that’s where you want to be.

A Network Marketing Coach Needs To Be Competent

MLM coaches need to be competent. Period.

They need to have done the things to be able to teach and coach from experience.

MLM coaches need to be competent

Imagine a carpenter that goes out and starts teaching people but has never actually done the work. You have to have the experience. There are a lot of things that can come up that aren’t found in a book or a manual.

It’s so, so important for people to see you actually doing. It makes them feel safe, that you know what you’re talking about. So if you’re teaching prospecting then you need to be actively showing people that you’re prospecting. They need to see you doing it. All leaders need to lead by example. I mean, that only makes sense right? How can you expect anyone to follow you, to do what you’re telling them to do if you’re not willing to do these things yourself. Leading by example is so important because it encompasses so much. It’s not just recruiting/prospecting, it’s everything. Are you using the products? Do people know that you’re using and purchasing from your own business? Do people know that you’re attending seminars, going to leadership training, and constantly educating yourself?

That opens up the whole self-development thing as well. Learning is a never-ending process there’s so much for us to always be learning and to get better with. Are people seeing you do this? Are you doing the self-development? Are you recommending books and do they know that you’re drawing from other sources of information and other leaders.


Another important point to mention is that leaders are great motivators, they empower their teams. They help with; disappointment, rejection, struggling with the ups and downs and what I call the emotional roller coaster of MLM and network marketing. That’s tough, it’s really hard, especially for people that aren’t really expecting it. They think it’s gonna be a little bit easier of a go than what it actually is. So you need to motivate people, let them know that they’re doing the right things, that it’s gonna take a little bit of time, and be their guide, be their mentor.

Boost their confidence when they’re feeling stuck and they have no motivation. It goes a long way.


Another thing that you’ll notice with MLM leaders said they have a true desire to have long-term relationships. They treat people like people and they let people in. Leaders show other people that they’re human, they’re willing to have a good laugh, and have more than just a business relationship. That’s where things get really interesting. Develop friends, and long-term relationships, and everything changes.


Last but not least is network marketing coaching is based around a proven system. They have a duplicatable system in place where people, even if they’re brand new to the industry, can come in and follow it step by step, wrap their head around it, and achieve success.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are a ton of great qualities that MLM leaders can have and those are just a few.

I highly encourage you to take this information and why not use it? Why not start the ILT method right away and use what you learn today? Put it down into your teams or use it to go increase your following.

Hopefully there’s some good value here for you and we’ll talk to you again real soon.


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