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Network Marketing Funnel – Podcast Transcript

How’s it going, my New Breed MLMers. I hope you had a great new year. Things have kicked off, and we have 2020 in front of us, so what I want to talk about today is a network marketing funnel and how it can be used for recruiting. You’re gonna hear me talking a lot about MLM funnels, so let’s talk about what they are and how to use them. Let’s rock.

Network Marketing Funnels. What Are They?

You’ve seen them all over the place. No doubt if you’ve been involved with marketing, you’ve seen them pop up in your feed, you’ve seen them online when you’ve been searching for things, basically all a sales funnel is, is just a process that you have. A direction, a flow, that you have to your sales process and where you take your customers or your prospects. It can be a very simple thing. Most people, whether they realize or not, they have some sort of sales funnel in place. You can make these really complex, but there’s really no need to, they can be quite simple as long as you have the basics in place.

The best way to look at your setup is:

  1. The Machine, and
  2. The fuel for the machine.

So the machine is your infrastructure, it’s your actual funnel, the things that you set up, and then the fuel is your content, whatever you’re publishing it’s those things, and you’re using the publishing, using the fuel as traffic, and you’re gonna drive that over towards the machine which is your funnel. The object of that, the primary thing that you have in your funnel is a lead capture. If you don’t have a lead capture, you should.

I hope this really drives you to implement that because it’s a huge thing. You need to be creating an email list. So what you’re doing is you’re trading something you have, perhaps a piece of content for free, in exchange for them to input their email address. You can add them to your list and then remarket to them.

Social Media Funnel

A social media sales funnel is a great example of a very basic funnel, well, it can be basic. I’d suggest to keep it basic, it doesn’t need to be crazy and then you can kind of tweak it as you go along. Essentially there’s a lot of people that are out marketing on social media, doing Facebook lives or whatever it may be, on whatever platform they’re using. So they do this live, and they’re trying to draw in new people to check out their content, they’re offering value, they’re offering something that can help the person, and they can help them with a pain point. They’re hoping that the person is going to reach out and contact them, that’s great, but there is a better method.

That’s great but a better method is to actually set up a funnel. So what you can do in your description is put the link to your page that has your lead capture page. Put the URL in there when doing your call to action at the end. You can ask people to visit your page at (and then give them what that page is) and then you can tell them to get whatever content you have for free. That’s it guys, that’s a basic funnel. So to recap, all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna do your Facebook live, and at the end you’re gonna ask them to visit you your URL, and you’re gonna offer to give them a piece of free content in exchange for their email . This will get them added to your email list, and then you can remarket to them. So you’re getting their email, and they’re now a contact, and you can market to them, and they’re getting something for free, so it’s mutually beneficial, it works out perfectly. That is a network marketing sales funnel, and that’s something that everybody that’s working on social media should have in place.

Now, I know a lot of you are probably thinking “How do I set this up? What is this funnel? What’s it supposed to look like?” It can be really basic like I mentioned. All you need is at the top of the page have a headline. Have what you’re talking about, put a little description below, something that’s appealing and explains why they would want this piece of free content you’re giving away. Then you’re gonna have a spot where they can put their name and their email address or just their email address.

They can be added to the list. You can add other things underneath; you can put some testimonials, things from people that you work with you and get kind of fancy, but really the main meat of this is to make sure that you have that lead capture. You want their information. Then once they add themselves to your list and get the content, then from there, it’s going to flip over to thank you page, and it’ll give them some instructions saying check your email. That’s where you’re going to have the link to your download.

This process that I’m talking about with the machine and the fuel is just MLM funnels and attraction marketing put together, and it creates the perfect duo. What it allows you to do is to get new people that you don’t know, reaching out to you. By putting out consistent targeted content, you’re going to get people’s attention, especially people that are looking for that kind of stuff and if you’re putting it out on a regular basis, they’re going to come back for more and more.

Because they’re going to see the value in it and they’re going to say “hey this stuff can really help me out”. Then when you throw out the offer of giving them free additional content just for signing up on your list they’re going to do that. Most people are going to see the value, they can say “hey it’s free no big deal and they’re going to go, and they’re going to give up their email.

The idea is to create the content with no expectation, not really wanting anything out of it, put out the value to the people, and keep offering them that value with no expectation. Not assuming that they’re going to join your team. Some people might not, and some people might take a while from the do that, and the reason why we have that list so we can remarket to people, and those people that aren’t really in the situation where they might want to join your team or by products from you right now, things might change further down the road. So you want to have access to them still, and for them to say “Hey, you know, I really like this person. I like their content.” Then when the time arises, they can say “yeah, I’m going to join their team. I’m going to reach out to them”. You might have noticed I keep on saying remarket to them. What I mean by that is it’s on the backend and after they join your email list and they’re a subscriber. Now, you can implement your autoresponders. It’s a series of emails, and what you want to do is just basically build rapport. You can tell your story, you can let them know who you are, show them that you’re a real person. Open up to them. This is how you build a rapport This is how you do it when you’re talking face-to-face or over messenger and this is the same way you’re going to do it on your email list. This gives you multiple shots at it, you can run it for five to seven days, every day on the front end so they can really get a feel for who you are and then you can scale it back if you want.

You might have heard the statistic that it takes seven exposures to your business or your opportunity for somebody to get started with you or purchase products. That’s a lot of following up. The reason why we have these autoresponders is so you can do it on autopilot. I mean, think about that if it’s ten people that you’re dealing with and that’s seven exposures for each. That’s seventy follow-ups. That’s seventy back and forths. That’s a ton. It’s way easier just to have an autoresponder build rapport. I call it building rapport on autopilot, and it’s the best way to do it because you can still live your life, you can focus on other income-producing activities and go prospect more people.

Guys, it just makes sense. Don’t you agree?

As you can see, I’m talking a lot about technology, automation that kind of stuff. It’s all here. I mean, we’re in 2020 now. Why not use this stuff? That’s why I say a lot of organizations and the way they build, it’s kind of passed them by. They’re not utilizing this stuff, and it’s there and it works. So, why would you not go that route?

Let’s take this MLM funnel process one step further. It’s all about the path of least resistance. So hypothetically somebody likes your content, they opt into your list, they get your freemium, they’re still loving your stuff, and then they decide, whenever the opportunity is right, that they want to join your team. Yeah, sure, they can email you. They can try and track down your number, track you down on social media, but let’s make it easy for them guys.

There are forms that you can create, and you can add these into your emails in the footer section. I would add that to every email you send out. It’s the option that’s there for them to reach out to you via the form.

And this form is basically to apply to join your team. This form’s going to interview people for you. You can put questions in there that are mandatory to answer, and at this point they want to join your team. They’re going to take the time, and they’re going to answer this because now you have them on the ropes. You’re not chasing them down. They’re chasing you down. See how the roles are completely reversed. That’s the beauty of this, and they’re going to fill out this form, and it’s going to tell you everything that you want to know, whatever that might be. You can customize these questions, and you can just get the ideal person giving you whatever answers you need to join your team.

Right now there might be a bunch of people with their minds completely blown asking the question, “why isn’t this being taught? Why did I know this until now?” Right?! That’s the question. That’s what I still ask to this day, every day. Why isn’t this being taught?

It doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do things. It doesn’t mean it’s the only activities you should be doing, but it’s something you should definitely implement because it’s there, and everyone can do it. This is basically replacing your cold contacting. This is your cold contacting. I remember the first time that I got started with network marketing when I ran out of people to talk to I was told, you know, just go to the mall, go to a bookstore and then chat up some people.

Man, that is awkward! Then the internet came along and when people ran out of people to talk to, they were told to go out and talk to people on social media. So you go through, you scour people’s profiles, go into groups to find people you think would be good. You have no idea who they are and then you send them a message. Guys, this is the same thing. This is cold contacting. It’s really no different than going to a bookstore, not knowing somebody and starting to talk to them. It’s the same thing. It’s just online, right? Some people call them, hey girl messages. I’m not a fan. I know people that have made it work, but I think there’s a better way.

You want to know the greatest thing about this machine, this infrastructure you set up that is your funnel. You can use various fuel sources on it. By that I mean that is it doesn’t have to be just Facebook lives You can use it on Instagram, you can use it on YouTube, you can use it on blogs, podcasts, you name it.

The sky’s the limit. All you need to do is put out your content and then tell people to go visit your funnel. Easy as that, right?

So, I hope this all makes sense, guys. I hope you get value out of this. I hope it really is an aha moment for a lot of you, and I highly encourage you to go and set up a funnel. It doesn’t have to be complicated and then drive people to that get them on a list, and your business over the long run will just explode. You’ll be all the better for it.

So going into 2020, I’m gonna be doing these podcasts on Sundays and on Wednesdays. I’m also gonna be doing a bunch of other stuff on other platforms, so feel free to join me there as well. Happy 2020 and we’ll be talking to you very soon.

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