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Network Marketing Podcast

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New Breed MLM Podcast

New Breed MLM Podcast

Let’s be real… The MLM game hasn’t really changed in the last 30 plus years. Why is that?
If you’re at all like me, then you’re not interested in having to bother uninterested friends and family to join your team. You’re also not interested in turning your timeline into a company billboard or spamming your links and graphics all over social media.
In this podcast you’re going to hear about how real marketers like us are disrupting an outdated industry using an against the grain mentality. I’ll reveal the methods I’m using to build a profitable business and have people coming to me wanting to join my tribe.
New strategies for a New Breed.
My name is Paul Koutras and welcome to New Breed MLM radio.

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  • How To Get The Best MLM Leads banner image

How To Get The Best MLM Leads

Also Available On Ep 10. How To Get The Best MLM Leads - Podcast Transcript Paul Koutras here, welcome back for episode 10. Today, let's talk about how to get the best MLM leads for your business. This is a question I get asked all the time. “Where do you get your leads?”  Followed by “Which are the best type of network marketing leads?” and “I need help with recruiting”. It all revolves around leads,

February 16th, 2020|Podcast|
  • How to effectively use social media for Network Marketing

Social Media For MLM

Also Available On How To Effectively Use Social Media For MLM - Podcast Transcript Hey, this is Paul Koutras back with another episode of New Breed MLM Radio. We are on episode 9, and today we're going to talk about how to use social media for MLM. This is something that gets a lot of people really confused. It kind of hangs up a lot of beginners as well as long time reps. Should

January 26th, 2020|Podcast|
  • Importance Of Using A Network Marketing Planner cover image

Network Marketing Planner

Also Available On Importance Of Using A Network Marketing Planner - Podcast Transcription What's up my New Breed MLM’ers? Welcome back to Episode 8. Today, we're gonna have a chat about why we should be using a Network Marketing planner. There's all sorts of them out there, seems like a pretty basic topic, but this is a really, really important thing, and we'll get into why. But as for the planners themselves, there's paper

January 26th, 2020|Podcast|
  • MLM Business Plan - podcast banner image

MLM Business Plan

Also Available On Ep 6: Your MLM Plan | Network Marketing Business Plan - Podcast Transcript Hey, Paul here coming at you with new breed MLM radio episode number seven. Today I want to talk about your MLM plan. After talking with the number of reps, I realised that many of them don't have this. You can call it a MLM business plan or a Network Marketing business plan, they're very different than traditional

January 20th, 2020|Podcast|
  • Network Marketing Tips For Beginners New Breed podcast image

Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

Also Available On Episode 6: Network Marketing Tips For Beginners - Podcast Transcript What is going on on this fine Wednesday morning? We are back with new breed MLM radio episode 6. Time is flying and I’m here to drop some awesome value for you guys. I'm gonna talk about network marketing tips for beginners. Now, if you're not a beginner this can still be a value because there might be some things in

January 16th, 2020|Podcast|
  • MLM leadership and coaching using ILT - banner

MLM Leadership & Coaching With ILT

Also Available On MLM Leadership & Coaching Using ILT - Podcast Transcript Welcome back to New Breed MLM radio. We're on episode 5 today. I want to have a chat about how you can position yourself as an MLM leader and also as an expert long before you're an expert. This works within your organisation and it also works really well on branding yourself as a network marketing coach. This is how to build

January 12th, 2020|Podcast|
  • Network Marketing Recruiting Banner

Ep4: Network Marketing Recruiting

Also Available On Network Marketing Recruiting - Podcast Transcript Welcome to New Breed MLM Radio Episode 4. Today, I want to talk about Network Marketing recruiting and the front-end activities it takes to really get your MLM business going. There's really four things and a lot of people they digress, they go into other things that aren’t really income producing activities, they're not really the core of what you need to make happen. So

January 8th, 2020|Podcast|
  • Network Marketing Funnel Podcast image

Ep 3: Network Marketing Funnel

Also Available On Network Marketing Funnel - Podcast Transcript How’s it going, my New Breed MLMers. I hope you had a great new year. Things have kicked off, and we have 2020 in front of us, so what I want to talk about today is a network marketing funnel and how it can be used for recruiting. You're gonna hear me talking a lot about MLM funnels, so let's talk about what they are

January 5th, 2020|Podcast|
  • RESET Goals | MLM goal setting

Episode 2: RESET Goals In MLM

Also Available On Podcast Transcript New Year's almost here, you know that time when everybody celebrates. But it's also that time when people decide they're gonna do these New Year's resolutions, reset goals and change things for the next year. All this MLM goal setting goes on and some people succeed, some people don't, why is that? Today I'm gonna talk about what I use to control my goal setting and how I achieve success.

December 31st, 2019|Podcast|

Episode 1: Welcome To New Breed MLM Radio

Also Available On Podcast Transcript What is up? I hope you're having a fantastic day and welcome to my new podcast. This is New Breed MLM radio and I guess it's time for a little introduction. My name is Paul Koutras and I'm an active network marketer that’s here to talk about the way I think things to be done a little different. So I'm going to talk a little bit about myself first and

December 21st, 2019|Podcast|

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