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New Year’s almost here, you know that time when everybody celebrates. But it’s also that time when people decide they’re gonna do these New Year’s resolutions, reset goals and change things for the next year. All this MLM goal setting goes on and some people succeed, some people don’t, why is that? Today I’m gonna talk about what I use to control my goal setting and how I achieve success. Stay tuned, we’ll talk about it a minute.

MLM Goal Setting

What’s up my new breed MLM family, I hope the holidays have been awesome for you. Today I want to talk about New Year’s resolutions, actually, more specifically network marketing goal setting. But at this time of the year as the New Year comes closer and closer everybody’s getting ready to make these New Year’s resolutions change things in their life. So as the year closes out, another one begins and there’s this magical day that everybody makes these changes in their life and everything’s gonna be better. For some people they make these changes and it does actually works out for them, others not so much. So what is this process usually look like, you know, people look back at the prior year things that they’ve experienced, unexpected challenges and things that they want to change. They have this notion that they’re gonna change things in the coming year and they get ambitious about these opportunities, relationships, things they want to change about themselves and they’re gonna do this in the next 12 months. Some people write them down and they decide it’s gonna be better and for some people that works out other people not so much, just why is that. Usually it’s because there’s not a system in place, they don’t have something to go by, a way to monitor and track things and they don’t have some way of being accountable. I think we’ve all been there before. Does this sound familiar?

You start out strong in the new year then things start to get in the way. Maybe you get sick, sometimes you might get exhausted from taking on too much, maybe if you’re looking to change things for your health and your fitness, maybe you take an injury and things just don’t work out the way that you want. You look at the calendar, the years well on its way and all of a sudden you’re discouraged. You don’t feel so good about things because you feel like you’ve already failed. I think we’ve all been there and in order to avoid all that what I like to use is something called “RESET” and we’ll go through what exactly all those letters mean in detail right now.

The R in RESET stands for Reflection. This is a little bit different because you have to start out looking back on last year and finding out where things went wrong and what things you want to change. Before you can actually set your goals and and decide you want to make these changes you need to look back and see exactly where things went wrong and what exactly you want to change. What happened last year that kind of led you off track or why you didn’t achieve that last year and what you could do differently this year. Something you want to keep in mind as well is that you’re going to use this continuously through the year so you want to go back and reflect on things as the year moves forward. You want to do this monthly, you want to do this quarterly, mid year and you also want to do this when you achieve one of your big goals. So this is something that as you hit the goal you need to look back and say “okay how did I get there? What did I do right?” You want to mimic this and make sure that you use this moving forward. Also you want to reflect at the end of each year?

Now that you’ve reflected and looked back on things what you want to do is you want to Evaluate. That’s the E in RESET. You want to make sure that you’re going towards the right goals. You need to look back at everything. I suggest writing them down (that’s during the reflect phase) and then when you evaluate you want to be very critical, you want to be honest about what happened.

And you need to ask yourself some questions with this. Most importantly is to ask yourself “does this goal (which is a specific thing) still matter right now? Is it still relevant or have things changed? Is it one of those things that I no longer need to pursue?”

Some other things you might want to ask yourself is “are there distractions that are keeping me from achieving what I want? Is there support that I need that I’m not getting? What kind of things are they? Where would I find them?” Dig down and get those questions answered for yourself. Make notes and then you can move forward.

The next step in RESET is Simplify. That means simplify instead of over complicate. I think we all do this. We kind of break things down and get all this extra stuff in there and it’s not really where our attention needs to be. I always talk about income producing activities and that’s what you need to do. You need to find your task and find what’s really relevant. Really dig down, get laser focused on the steps that you need to take to achieve that goal because with anything that we do in life, there can be a lot of extra stuff. Yeah sure it can be attached to the topic and it might be kind of relevant but to get big results you really need to focus on the small percentage of things that are gonna really move you forward. Basically find the things that are gonna really move you forward and focus on those.

The second E in RESET is Establish as in, establish a plan. It’s great to know exactly what you want to achieve but you need to break down the specific steps. You need to have a game plan of how you’re gonna do that. And I would recommend having a game plan that focuses on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities and the things that you need to achieve. I firmly believe that if you’re gonna bring a problem forward, you should also be thinking of a solution that potentially could take care of that.

What I like to do is to say “what am I looking to achieve?” I’ll sit down and create a game plan at that point. I’ll list all the details of things that I need to do, then I’ll step away for maybe half an hour, come back to it at that point it’s a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective after you’ve had a little break from it. Then I’ll rip it apart, try and make some tweaks to it, then at that point I’ll take it to a support team member and say “this is what I want to achieve, this is what I’m thinking to do, but I’d love to have a second opinion. I’d love to have your perspective on this .” Sometimes that’s all you need. You just need somebody else to get their eyeballs on it and to to offer a different perspective. Often that’s where the the greatest information comes and it really helps you tweak that game plan and achieve what you want.

Last up in the RESET formula is the T and that stands for Time Block. This involves taking a calendar, going into it and what I prefer to do is to actually block off the time that I will not be working my business first. This can be time for family events, personal activities, that kind of stuff. And from there, with what’s left, I’ll go in and I’ll book the times that I need to take to achieve my goals. The time that you’re blocking off this is for the big important tasks that we spoke about earlier. This isn’t for the peripheral stuff. It’s really important to make sure that you’re focused so you can really move forward. Something you’re going to need to do is make sure that your time is uninterrupted. You might need to have a conversation with people in your household so that they know not to come bothering you during that time frame because it’s really important that you stay on track.

To recap, what you want to do is: you want to reflect then you want to evaluate then you want to simplify then establish a plan and then to time block.

One additional thing that I’ll add is that it’s really important to have somebody to be accountable to. That can be anybody in your support team, your sponsor, somebody a few levels up, it doesn’t really matter but you need to have somebody to be accountable to. I wouldn’t recommend it being a spouse, you’re together too often and it’s hard to be impartial. I’d recommend it be somebody outside of the household, your sponsor is a perfect person. And you can just check in with them and make sure that you’re staying on track and being accountable to the goals that you’re setting on a daily basis.

You likely have multiple people in your support team. So, I suggest finding the person the best fits the goal that you’re trying to achieve. You don’t need to go to the same person for everything. You have multiple people in your support team, there’s going to be people that have strengths in certain areas. So find the one that best fits the goal that you’re trying to achieve and use them as your accountability coach. You know, a lot of people think that they need to get tied into just one person and that’s not necessarily the case. Everybody has something to offer and you can you can use different people in your support team for different things. I’m gonna say that again. You can use different people in your support team for different things. They can mean different things to you and that’s not a bad thing at all. And if you’re a support team member and you kind of get upset when somebody goes to someone else in the support team for information about specific stuff, you shouldn’t be. That’s a good. You want people using everyone. You want people to leverage everyone in the support team. You can’t build this by yourself so that’s why they’re there. So in a nutshell find the person that best fits what you’re trying to achieve and use them for accountability.

No doubt, as New Year’s comes you’re going to have New Year’s resolutions that you’re going to want to set but always keep in mind you can use this reset formula at any point.

You can use it daily, weekly and monthly. It doesn’t matter. It applies to all of them. Combine it with a business plan and you’re ready to rock!

But as New Year’s is coming up really, really soon, I hope that you get some benefit from this and you’re able to utilise the RESET formula so it can help you achieve your network marketing goals in the coming year.

So happy holidays to everyone and we’ll be talking to you really soon.

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