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How To Effectively Use Social Media For MLM – Podcast Transcript

Hey, this is Paul Koutras back with another episode of New Breed MLM Radio. We are on episode 9, and today we’re going to talk about how to use social media for MLM. This is something that gets a lot of people really confused. It kind of hangs up a lot of beginners as well as long time reps.

Should they be using social media or shouldn’t they. If so how do they do it?

So let’s talk about these things and break it all down for you.

Okay, I’m just gonna rip the band-aid off here, and I’m just gonna say it.

The vast majority of network marketers using social media are doing it wrong.

I’m gonna say it again. Most network marketers using social media are doing it all wrong.

The reason I say that is because most are just spamming day in, day out. Spam, spam, spam. It’s all company graphics, pictures of their products, in everybody’s faces. The rest of the people that aren’t doing that, they’re just basically yelling random things at their audience. It’s pretty much like if you’re gonna walk down a busy street and just start shouting and yelling “I have the best business, check it out. Want to see what I have you? You’ve just got to join. You don’t want to miss this!” And while that sounds funny and ludicrous, at the same time that’s what most people do most people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name the platform… They are guilty of doing it, and you know what, I was guilty of doing it in the beginning as well!

The thing is nobody really cares about you, what you have for products, or your opportunity, not in the beginning. They don’t really know how good it is and you’re not giving them the chance to learn about it. You’ll have to do it right, and if you do it right, you’ll get plenty of people that will be interested. So let’s talk about this, let’s start by looking at the purpose of social media for MLM.

Social Media For MLM image

A lot of people get confused and they’re probably asking “If I shouldn’t be blatantly promoting my stuff, then what’s the point of being there?”

The point is to develop trust and a relationship to build on. They need to know you, they need to like you, and they need to trust you before they’re willing to do anything.

Let’s go back to that example when you’re in the busy street yelling at everyone. Now, what if you change that a little bit, try to get a little more personal and we walked up to random people saying, “Hey, we don’t know each other but let me tell you about my business. I’ve got these amazing products. Do you want to join my business? We’re changing everything for people, giving them financial freedom. Are you ready?”

Now, same thing, it’s still sounds funny right?

The reason being, they don’t know you. There’s no rapport.

If you wanted to do it the right way, you have to build a little bit of a relationship. They need to know who you are, get to know each other a little bit, right. If this was a real scenario, person to person, you might build a little bit of rapport, build a genuine friendship, take a business card and then follow up later on.

I think we can agree there’s a lot of non-business people that are using social media. On all sorts of different platforms, and a lot of them do it really well. They’re comfortable with the platform, they know all the ins and outs, and they can use it effectively for talking to friends or people in public groups. They engage, interact, build relationships, and are social.

But when it comes to business everything’s different. Why?

Just like most people, when I went online with my businesses I had no idea how this stuff worked. If somebody had asked me “Do you know what a funnel is?” I would have had no idea, and just given them a blank stare.

I soon realised that there was a lot of pieces to this, a lot of stuff that I wasn’t aware of and how it fit together. This took time to understand and most people aren’t even aware that it’s there, and they aren’t willing to invest the time to do this properly.

Marketing’s a skill, and like any skill you have to work at it. You have to get better at it, be willing to learn from other people, and then test yourself. Then take the things that are working for you and try and make them better.

Marketing is in the name of what we do in our industry. It’s Network Marketing. Spamming isn’t marketing, it’s just randomly throwing things out there with no game-plan and hoping for the best. That’s not marketing It wasn’t until I was willing to slow down and become a student and learn about marketing, that things would change for me.

So let’s talk about why social media is so awesome.

MLM social media tips image

First off, social media allows you to expand your reach and not just a little bit, but a lot. It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter where you’re located, if you’re in a small town, you can reach anywhere. You’re not confined just to your local area and when you do find yourself with those connections outside of your local area, social media is amazing for expanding and strengthening those relationships.

You can instantly chat with people, you can do video calls, you can send them information and files. One of the most common questions that I get is “How do I recruit for network marketing using Facebook.”

Always remember that Facebook is a social networking site. It’s social. People aren’t on Facebook or at least majority people are on Facebook to buy things.

They just want to relax, they want to be social, they want to get away from their day. So when you have your MLM business plastered all over your profile, it’s a turn off for most people.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they don’t brand themselves. They just brand their company.

I got news for you, your company doesn’t need help with their branding. Most of them are doing okay on their own. You need to take care of yourself.

So just to clarify because Facebook is so big and because they’re so well known, many people will use the terms Facebook and social media interchangeably.

The reason I mention this is because one of the most common questions in our industry is “How to use Facebook for Network Marketing prospecting & recruiting.”

Network Marketing For Facebook image using Scrabble letters

The reality is is that it’s gonna be platform specific things that you need to tweak from platform to platform, but the core principles I’m gonna talk about with marketing can be applied pretty much anywhere. So to a certain degree when someone is looking for Facebook Network Marketing tips, they might as well be asking how to use the entirety of social media for network marketing because the principles remain the same.

So here are some way to adapt Network Marketing for Facebook or social media as a whole.

Network Marketing Social Media Tips

1. Build A Brand

You likely already have one if you’re online and you’re talking with people. You probably already have a brand, the question is “how scattered is it”?

When people think about you, they’re going to associate you with something. The question is, what are they associating you with? If it’s not what you want, then you just need to flip the script, you just need to get clear about what you want, and how you want people to see you so you can draw those ideal people to you.

2. Build Rapport

This is basically building a relationship guys. If you don’t know somebody, you can’t just go straight for the jugular. You get to know each other. You have to build that up gradually over time. The issue you might run into is that not everybody wants to do that. So you need to respect that, you can’t force the issue.

If they don’t want to make friends with new people and they want to do their own thing, that’s cool. But how do you know? That’s why I like to use autoresponders. I like to have a funnel, and I like to have the people that are interested, that might want to do that and see value, reach out to me. At that point I can continue and build additional rapport with them and really get to know them.

3. Use Attraction Marketing

There needs to be some curiosity for people to reach out to you. If people can hit your timeline and they can find out from your profile what company you’re with, there’s an issue. You need to change some things there, because if people know who you’re with, if they can tell instantly, or if they have something to go off of, they can just Google it. I they can find that all it on their own, then they don’t need you.

You don’t want to close the loop, you want people to reach out to you for more information so you can start conversing and build that rapport.

The best way to use social media for marketing is to attract people to you by the value that you’re offering, what you’re putting out into the marketplace.

Instead of increasing resistance in your marketing, you need to attract people with your marketing.

So what is attraction marketing?

It’s where you put out value, where you give them lots of information. You know, things that can help them out. Things that can help them with questions that they have, or to overcome a pain point they have in their life.

The first thing that you need to do when you go down this road is to find out what your brand’s gonna be. What do you want to represent? What’s gonna be your message?

This will determine who your audience is gonna be. Once you figure that out, all you need to do is focus on what they want. What are their struggles? If you were in their position, what things would you want to hear about?

In regards to that people that are doing it all wrong on social media, they’re not offering any value. There’s no education, there’s no rapport, they’re just “Buy my thing, buy my products, join my team ,join me.”

Instead, let’s be smarter about this. How do we get people to join us, how do we offer value?

4. Build A Tribe

Now that’s easier said than done, but, if you do things right, and you’re following what I’m talking about, you’re gonna have a brand. By doing that, you’re gonna have people that you want to work with you. These are targeted people that are reaching out to you, and they’re building relationships with you.

If you’re doing all this, you’re already building a community, you’re already building a tribe. It happens all on its own. Just give your tribe a home in the form of a Facebook group for example, and then watch the magic happen.

5. Understand That Sometimes The Timing Just Isn’t Right

People sometimes people say no to joining you and then come back a year or two later.

Often this is just because the timing’s better, things have changed in their life.

Maybe they joined you and they weren’t doing anything. You can’t do anything about that. People have to want to build a business, they have to be willing to work. But things could change. They could sit on the sidelines and just watch, grow, and then something changes in their life. Then, all of a sudden, boom, they decide they want to go for it.

The reason I say all this is because sometimes you just need to be patient, you just need to nurture relationships, and let them go where they’re gonna go.

6. Use A Professional-Looking Picture For Your Profile

…and make sure it’s actually a picture of you. The reason I add that in is because there’s a lot of people that have pictures of their their pets, their kids, different logos, you name it. If you’re just using it for recreation that’s fine, there’s no problem with that, but, if you’re trying to use your account for business, then you have to make it look a little more professional. People need to know who they’re dealing with so a face does help with that.

7. Fill Out Your Bio Section

But, when you do, don’t put in links to your company’s replicated sites. Remember what we talked about, what you want to do here is you want to put in maybe other social media profiles that you have. Put in a little blurb about what your brand is and how you’re offering value.

Filling out your bio with company information doesn’t help your cause because it gets rid of curiosity. Once again, you want people reaching out to you. You want to be able to engage them and have a conversation with them.

8. Start Telling Stories

Facts tell, and stories sell. So when you have stories, share them, tell people about them. It’s far more relate-able when you do that. It draws them in. There’s a reason why people love seen testimonials, and before and after pictures, and results pictures. It’s because it shows that other people are getting results and it helps them visualize themselves getting results doing the same things.

9. Be A Person

Let them know who you are. People want to know that there’s a person on the other end of this interaction. They want to know all about you. So when you have things that are going on; family pictures, things that are happening in your life, if you travel places, those things are fun and are relatable. So let people see them.

…and you know where a great place is for this kind of stuff? Your Facebook stories or your Instagram stores.

10. Kick It Old School

I know that sounds funny, but here is what I mean by that. When you first got into social media, you were going around liking stuff, commenting on people’s stuff, sharing things, you were using the platform to be social, and to have fun.

The platforms like that. They like when you’re engaging on stuff.

Sometimes when we start using it for business we get so caught up trying to figure things out that we stop doing the simple things. We stop reaching out and interacting with people.

People also like when you engage with them, and if you leave positive comments that make them feel good about what’s going on in their day, that goes a long way.

11. Have A Funnel Or Lead Capture Page

I talk about this a lot because I think it’s so important. A funnel is vital to your social media plan. It’s often what’s missing. If there is something that just doesn’t seem right. That’s what it is, a funnel.

Most people are trying to drive people over towards their company’s replicated sites but those are impersonal. They’re sales pitches, they’re very vague.

Sometimes the solution is to offer valuable content to your fans, to the direct market that you want to bring towards you. Then have them go to a lead capture page to get something free, like a free eBook download that offers even more value.

People love it because you’re just over delivering on everything.

Think about it this way. Your funnel is your hub. Everything points to it. If you have multiple social profiles, they all go there. Your Twitter, your Instagram, your Facebook should be pointed to it. If you have a blog, it goes there too. Everything goes to your funnel.

Then you get to send them an email series. It allows your prospects to get to know your thoughts, your teachings, your training’s, your personality. Everything. It just builds rapport as you go along sending these. So eventually, they know like and trust you. At that point, they’re willing to hop off the fence and make a decision.

As you can tell I get a little excited. Something changes in my voice when we start talking about funnels and capture pages and all this stuff. So, why is it so important?

Because you own the funnel. It’s yours. Just like you own the email list. Keep it on the email providers service and keep a current (daily) .csv backup, just in case.

You don’t own your social following. If something changes with a platform and their policies change overnight, you could lose everything.

It’s happened. I’ve heard about it happening on a massive scale, and I’ve seen it happen on a much smaller scale. So either way, it’s heartbreaking. You don’t want that to be you. That’s why you want to have something that you own.

The best way to look at is like this. Think of your funnel as the machine and social media is the fuel source, which in this case is your traffic. More specifically, let’s make that machine a car. And then you still have your fuel source which is social media traffic.

If a particular platform takes away your fuel or traffic, you just go get a different one. With that new platform giving you the fuel and the traffic boom all of a sudden your machine or car is running again and you get to keep travelling.

If you make the social media platform your vehicle and your traffic and they take it away, the biggest concern is you no longer have a car. You don’t have a machine. You have to start from scratch.

This means that you maybe the destination where you’re trying to get to (your goals) are just too far to get there without it. So you need to go invest in another vehicle.

Or, maybe it means you have to walk, which means it’s going to take a lot longer to achieve your goals.

As you can see network marketing on social media is a huge thing. We could keep talking about this. There’s so much to it. Definitely not something we could cover in one podcast.

Social Media Network Marketing stragtegies image

Something else to keep in mind is that MLM social media strategies are always changing. As the platforms change and evolve the strategies evolve too.

So this is an ongoing thing. It’s not a once and done thing. You have to constantly keep up on this, but it’s well worth it.

Hopefully these MLM social media tips helped out. Hopefully your mind has been expanded and you not only see how this can really offer value to yourself and growing your business, but to your audience as well.

If you got value out of this, make sure to subscribe on whatever podcast platform you’re on. If you can think of someone else that could get a benefit from this, feel free to share it with them and we will talk to you really soon.

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