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Wine MLM Companies | Sell Wine From Home

Kicking back with a nice glass of wine might seem like the absolute best way to spend a night, but suppose somebody informed you that wine could be a fantastic way to generate income as well! Although you have likely come across direct sales involving garments, fashion jewelry, makeup, health and wellness , travel, and various services, did you know that you can make money by direct selling wine from home? That’s right, there are wine MLM’s.

The concept of utilizing network marketing to promote wine is a great fit, given that wine is incredibly social. Promoting wine for direct selling wine companies while at the same time sipping your favorite red with a bunch of your close friends can easily make the overall experience enjoyable, not to mention quite lucrative as well.

Why Sell Wine From Home Via Wine Direct Sales Companies?

Wine direct sales companies have certainly increased in appeal as well as numbers over the last several yrs. These kinds of companies help their associates launch an on-line home based wine business.

This is a fun new way of making money and it’s a fantastic way to promote something that you’re passionate about. It just so happens that wine is a an offering that gets interest from women and men equally. By comparison, numerous other network marketing focus on goods like jewelry, makeup, fashion and crafts that have a tendency to be favored by women.

Wine is a very social, so it fits very well with the idea of network marketing. Let’s be completely honest. most of the “home parties” you have done in the past were straight up boring, and not only that, they were clearly a sales pitch. People frequently purchase a couple of items to help a good friend, but enthusiasm rapidly disappears by the time the 2nd and 3rd requests for a party come around.
Within this write-up, we’ll take a look at a number of the leading MLM wine opportunities.

Wine MLM image of a glass and corks

Shown below are a few of the different opportunities I’ve found providing a home based business.

Wine MLM Companies:

Wine Shop At Home

Launched by John and Melissa Lynch in nineteen ninety five, Wine Shop At Home is located within the Napa Valley, in the golden state of California, you know, the well known home of world renowned wines. Wine Shop At Home provides unique handmade artisan brands that aren’t offered anyplace else.

In two thousand and two, the business migrated to an MLM structure the minute they observed that a really high percent of their artisan brands sold via direct sales. Wine Shop At Home belongs to the DSA (aka Direct Selling Association).

Wine Shop At Home Business Structure

Wine Shop At Home is a direct selling business offering quality wines and the reps of the company host at home wine tastings in which the invitees can sample the wines, find out about them as well as purchase the wine from the vineyard directly.

The companies 5 basic actions:

● As an representative, they need to talk to individuals who enjoy wine and schedule a wine tasting.
● They can then choose a sampler together with your host and discuss the preparation prior to the sampling.
● The sampler then delivers everything needed for the wine sampling to the host.
● While discussing the wines, the host pours one samples of wine for the attendees to try.
● When the wine sampling is done, attendees can put in their purchases directly with Wine Shop At Home and the bottles will be delivered right to the individuals.

There are 4 packages available ranging from $39.95 – $299

Direct Cellars

* Note: Unfortunately as of mid October 2019 Direct Cellars has decided to stop it’s direct selling model and has terminated all rep agreements. That being said it’s still worth including them as they had great success early on..

Created in 2014 at the hand of David DiStefano, Direct Cellars was a company doing business in the wine MLM sector. The business started as an online wine club, however due to their marketing and advertising methods, the company grew and , the sales of Direct Cellars in 2017 was said to be approximately $twenty five million dollars.

The concept of Direct Cellars is makes it possible for people to indulge in the experience of wine sampling in the convenience of their home. Direct Cellars partnered with leading wineries in more than ten countries to offer select high quality wines. Direct Cellars provides premium wine right to your residence for a fraction of the price you’d spend in the regular market place.

Travelling Vineyard

Situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Traveling Vineyard is an MLM wine opportunity that launched in 2001. By 2010, the business was purchased by Richard Libby, who reorganized the brand. Traveling Vineyard now offers wine by utilizing at home wine sampling and now has more than five thousand distributors, referred to as Wine Guides.

Travelling Vineyard Business Structure

Registering with Traveling Vineyard is quite simple:

● You just fill out an online form and 48 hours the company will get in touch with you.
● You can then go over any questions you have.
● If you decide to sign up with Traveling Vineyard as a rep, then need to invest in the Success Kit.


● Price: $179.99
● Two sampling collections (five wine bottles each).
● Sampling glasses along with a carrying box.
● A six bottle wine carrier
● accessories.
● Purchase forms.
● Getting started overview.
● Pamphlets
● Training program with quick access sheet

As a representative, you’ll be promoting the wine for Traveling Vineyard but not selling it from an inventory. They pay several times per month and reps receive thirty five percent of their own personal sales referred to as a “personal marketing fee”. If you establish a team, you’ll get a bonus on your team’s sales as well.

Boisset Collection

At an earlier time referred to as Boisett Family Estates, the Boisset Collection is actually the third biggest wine organization set up back in nineteen sixty one by Jean-Claude together with Claudine Boisset in Burgundy, France as a modest wine trade. These days, the business has developed into a well known wine supplier by having a visibility in more than eighty countries around the world. The Boisset Collection is run by Jean-Charles Boisset and is one of the top quality wine providers on the planet.

How Boisset Collection Works

Anyone can join as a direct seller for Boisset Collection by registering as a Boisset Ambassador on their site. From there you can organize your wine samplings and develop your business. Purchase an Ambassador Business Kits to begin:.

The Social-Lite
● Price: $149
● This standard kit includes three wines, advertising and marketing content as well as access to their Cellar Suite.

The Enthusiast
● Price: $349
● consists of wines for the launch sampling, marketing content as well as access to the Cellar Suite and even accessories at a fantastic rate.

The Aspiring Somm
● Price: $149
● includes wines for two samplings, insulated twelve carrier, stemware, marketing products, and tools. You’ll additionally have entry to the Cellar Suite.

Cellar Suite subscription is complimentary for ninety days on all three packages but right after the ninety days, you’ll have to spend $14 each month or $120 yearly.

Ambassador Perks:
● absolutely no requirement to keep any stock.
● make as much as thirty five percent as compensations on your personal sales.
● education along with assistance from Boisset Collection.
● attain monthly rewards, industry bonuses and luxurious trips to France.

Pieroth Wein AG

Located in Burg Layen, Germany, Pieroth Wein AG launched back in sixteen seventy five as a family-owned vineyard by Elmar and Kuno Pieroth. In the present day, the business is an international empire and the primary service of the organization is marketing high quality wines, champagnes, as well as sparkling wine, juices and juices.

Pieroth Wein was among the innovators of direct marketing, as the organization supplied the wine from their vineyard straight to patrons. These days, they have more than two thousand staff members and sales partners dispersed throughout twelve countries.

The business switched its name to WIV Wein International in nineteen eighty five and by last year , they went back to the name Pieroth once more. In 2017, they brought in sales of roughly two hundred and fifty million Euros.

Pieroth Wein Business Structure:

The concept of direct wine sales commenced in 1953 by Elmar and Kuno Pieroth, and entailed setting up private wine samplings at the residence of the client. This , was innovative during the time, and is actually the basis of the company’s prosperity to present.

The professional wine specialists of Pieroth Wein are exceptionally educated and they assist in guiding customers through the realm of wines, grow their understanding through non-binding sampling as well as thoughtful discussions.

Additional Wine Opportunities Of Note:

Scout & Cellar

These guys offer wines with. Zero sugars or pesticides. so they are ketogenic friendly, and have forty percent less% calories.

The Perfect Sip

Distinctively chosen wines from all over the world. Their reps facilitate sales via their personal website or organized wine samplings.

Mix Party

Provides drink mixes, along with treats and snacks.

Wines for Humanity

These folks distribute a part of the profits to charity.

Wine Decadence

They are a newer wine direct sales/home party opportunity.

Wine Direct Sales showing a vineyard

In The Event That Wine Just Isn’t Your Deal…

Listen, I get it, not everybody drinks or is a lover of wines.
For me, I ‘d much rather tap into a far more universal market and that’s just what I did. If you are open to starting a business but are thinking wine might not be the best option, click below to join our amazing tribe and build an amazing team with us.

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