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Xelliss Review

For those of you familiar with Natura4Ever, it is now known as Xelliss.
For those of you that aren’t familiar with them, they are a health & wellness company that specialize in Spirulina.
So I guess in a way this is both a Xelliss review as well as a Natura4Ever review.

The change comes as part of a re-brand as they launched into the North American market.
These re-brands can often lead to new life and explosive growth, so I’m expecting big things from these folks in the next 3-5 years or so.

I you’re looking for something health & wellness based, this might be for you. If you’re looking for something with no physical products and is digital based, then this company might be more of what you’re looking for.

With that being said let’s dig in.

The Xellis Concept

Xelliss provides a range of innovative and natural offerings in the nutrition, well-being, as well as cosmetic niches. The interesting thing is these are based on Spirulina.
Their goal is to create innovative products that satisfy the specific nutritional needs of everyone.
Their motto in regards to health and wellness is that prevention is better than reactionary treatments.
By skilfully blending ancient natural solutions with cutting edge technology the objective is to open up new possibilities to consumers.
Something I really like is that they have chosen to make certain products contain the Sport Protect label.
This is important because it guarantees that athletes can safely use these products. The guarantee states that the products do not contain and have not been in contact with prohibited substances laid out by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Xelliss Products

As mentioned earlier, the main component of this companies product line is Spirulina.
Spirulina has been used by many cultures for food, nutrition, and wellness going back thousands of years.
It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and is an incredible source of protein.

The problem with Spirulina is that there are many low quality sources so making sure to have the highest quality is important to maximize it’s many benefits.

Xellis have developed cutting-edge technology to manufacture their own micro-algae, with extraordinary benefits for cellular health.

Xellis A3Nat Spirulina | Phycocyanin

Xelliss A3Nat Spirulina (aka natura4ever spiruline)

Xelliss have developed cutting-edge technology to manufacture their own micro-algae, with extraordinary benefits for cellular health.

Due to their cultivation in photobioreactors, an award winning state of the art process which has been patented, they guarantee a product of exceptionally high quality consistently all throughout the year.
Many years of development and research enable them to get a high level of performance. They control all the variables crucial to the ideal growth of spirulina so they may obtain a high-grade raw ingredient for the manufacturing of their unique and exclusive products.
Control, performance, quality.

The main speaking points to their A3Nat is:

Brings tone and vitality
Spirulina has 4 main classes of antioxidants, who’s roles have been well documented.

Is a source of amino acids and protein
Spirulina is full of hydrosoluble (water soluble) and liposoluble (fat soluble) vitamins!

Helps to support immune systems
It does this with it’s unique mix of minerals, proteins, fibres, pigments, vitamins, fats, and trace elements.

They control every stage in the cultivation process
Their photobioreactors, are a system of closed, secure and monitored basins, which makes it possible to get high quality spirulina.

The ENERGY INNOVATOR AWARDS (CV Magazine) recognized Xelliss as the “Best Manufacturer of Industrial Algae Production System for 2019.”

Phycocyanin Benefits

Phycocyanin is a cyan blue protein found only in Spirulina and has the ability to stimulate the immune system. Xelliss A3Nat is loaded in Phycocyanin and uses a cold dried procedure to preserve nutrients.

Product Types

On their site you’ll find a nutritional product line, a cosmetic line, a wellness line, as well as an animal line.
You’ll even find pre-created product packs.

Xelliss NaturaBlue formerly known as Natura4Ever spiruline naturablue | Spiruline Liquide
This is the companies flagship line and is a more concentrated product. Because of this, the quality and quantity of ingredients is 3x higher, meaning a smaller doasge.


Eric Masson, Chairman
Jean Michel Larre, Co-founder
Jimmy Wan, Vice President
Yvan Lambert, Financial Director
Austin Zulauf, VP USA

Brigitte Touze, Product Manager
Anthony Michel, Marketing & Communication Manager
Isabel Villa, Marketing Communication Manager
Patrice Badet, International Business Officer & Events Manager
Maximiliano Ponce de Leon, Customer service Manager
Thierry Janssens, Logistics Manager

Xelliss Comp Plan

At first glance the Xelliss pay plan doesn’t seem like anything special but as you dig deeper, it’s easy to see some big money on the table here.
The Xelliss Comp plan
Here are the ranks:
Consultant, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald,Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Crown Ambassador.

Here are the ways to earn an income:

Retail Profits:

When you purchase products at the distributor pricing and sell them at full retail you obviously keep the difference. But, you can also work this same idea utilizing the 24/7 online store. When a customer signs up from your link, you earn the retail profit margin.
Fast Start bonus:
Some people will want to be customers and others will want to be distributors so they can earn an income. In order to help out new distributors, the company has created 3 packs.
These packs help to accelerate your income potential by earning a $20, $50, or $100 fast start bonus with the purchase of these kits on your 1st level.
Your level 2 will pay out these bonuses in the amount of $10, $25, or $50.
The fast start bonus is available on purchases within their first 40 days.

Team Balance:

This is a binary setup (2 legs) where you earn an override commission from your pay leg.

Rank Bonus:

There are 10 rank bonuses. The fantastic thing about what they’ve done here is that the bonus is paid out monthly as opposed to a one time payout. This really incentiviceses people to maintian their current rank as well as hot the next one.

Car Bonus:

Once you hit the rank of Ruby with 6500 PV you will be eligible for a $600/month car bonus.
Emerald with 8000 PV is $800/month and Diamond with 10,000 PV is $1000/month.

*You have to qualify for 3 months before this will kick in. You must also maintain it.

Travel Award:

Emeralds and above are eligible to earn points towards the companies annual trip.

Diamond Leadership Pool:

Starting at the Emerald rank, Distributors are eligible to earn from this pool.
Each month 1% of the total company PV is placed in the pool and paid out to those who qualify on a prorated basis.

Cheque Matching Bonus:

This is a powerful part of the Xellis Comp plan and can create some serious income.
When you reach the rank of Ruby or above, you can earn from 25% to 40% of the team balance commissions from anyone you enroll.
It doesn’t matter what level they are on and they never break away from you meaning they always remain a personal enrolle.
You also earn this bonus on people they enroll as well. (Up to seven levels depending on rank)
To top it all off, there is dynamic compression.

The higher the rank , the higher the percentage as well as how many levels in depth you can earn from.

Preferred Customers

Having a customer option is essential, but having a way of really engaging your customer base is what separates the good from the great Network Marketing companies.

The benefits of being a preferred customer are:

1. a 10% savings on all purchases
2. getting to choose a complimentary product when their purchase is over 90 PV
3. a points system that rewards customer for purchasing by giving them loyalty points with each purchase. These points accumulate and lead to complimentary products.

Xelliss Preferred Customers

Is Xelliss A Scam?

This company is most definitely not a scam.
They have a number of years in business, a solid product line, the ability to have customers (including a perks program for them), and an amazing compensation plan.

Many companies experience massive growth after a successful re-branding/relaunch but Xelliss is taking this one step further. By going into huge new markets.

That being said, they have a lot of competition from the many, many other health and wellness companies available to choose from. Some of which have been around for a very long time.
Their spirulina angle is unique, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to stand out in the health and wellness pool.

If you’re looking for something that does stand out so you can crush it in 2021, then just click the button below.

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