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Zilis Reviews

Wondering if Zilis is the right choice? Fear not, that’s why I’ve put together this Zilis review that goes over all parts of the company and opportunity. Like all companies, they have some good points and some bad points but what those will always come down to the individual since it’s mostly personal preference. Let’s get started.

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Zilis Overview

Zilis launched in the middle of 2015 and are based out of Texas in the U.S. They are a network marketing company that sells a variety of third party products ranging from CBD, to beauty, to nutrition, to cleaning. Currently their main focus is on CBD oil due to it’s booming popularity. Zilis, pronounced /za-lease/, originates from Swahili verbiage, and translates to ‘multiplying nutrition’.

The company was founded and is run by husband and wife team Steven & Angie Thompson. The Thompson’s have been involved in the health and wellness and overall Direct Sales/MLM industry for over 30 years. Steven and Angie got involved with their 1st health and wellness company shortly after their college years, and went on to grow several very successful worldwide enterprises. The Thompson’s have impressively grown teams that add up to over a quarter million people over forty different countries around the globe. On top of that, Steven has worked Vice President of Sales and as Director of Marketing for a number of global Direct Sales businesses.

If you’re curious what companies they were involved with, Steven was a rep for Cyberwize from 2001-2009. In 2010 that company was re-branded as LiveSmart 360. LiveSmart 360 had some launch issues but lasted until October 30th, 2015, when the company announced that they were closing their doors. They must have had some warning as they launched Zilis in mid 2015, slightly before the closure of their previous company.

Zrii Acquired By Zilis

On January 9th, 2021 Zilis announced that they had purchased Zrii to help with their growth into South America. Zilis corporate gave some insight into the acquisition.

“Zrii has put in a large investment into creating a capable infrastructure all through-out South America. By combining the Zrii infrastructure into our own, we’ll dramatically reduce the time usually needed for these kinds of fast paced expansion. This will give our Independent Reps the capabilities to grow their organisations in the region.”

Due to this Zilis will expand their operations into Peru, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico. Their South American corporate headquarters will be situated in Bogota, Colombia. They are moving ahead quickly as the Zrii website now redirects to a Zilis LATAM site instead.

Who Are Zrii?

Zrii LLC, are an international direct selling company focused on health and wellness. They sell an exclusive nutritional drink as well as a weight management product. These products utilize the Indian fruit known as Amalaki. What’s interesting is that Zrii’s products garnered enough attention to become endorsed by the Chopra Center for Well-being. Zrii has 65,000+ Independent Reps in the U.S, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, as well as Israel. Zrii opened up it’s doors for business in October 2007, did close to $45 million in sales during its 1st year.

Zilis Products

It’s important to note that Zilis doesn’t actually manufacture its products. The Thompson’s decided to find some of the best hemp and CBD products from other businesses and then use the Zilis brand to resell them. This is an interesting approach as they don’t need any manufacturing infrastructure. On the other hand it’s always a good idea to have control over the manufacturing process to ensure safe and high quality items.

Some of the Zilis products you’ll find listed are:

  • Hemp Oils (CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG)
  • Topicals (CBD)
  • Powders (CBD & Weight Management)
  • Pet (CBD)
  • Hemp Free (Health and Wellness, Sleep aid, Energy, Weight Management)
  • Ultra Support (Vitamins and Supplements)
  • Lishe (Skin and Beauty)
  • Collagen
  • Coffee


The Zilis Compensation Plan

Joining Zilis

The basic rep membership is $99. A back-office created to help Zilis reps with a large organisation is an extra $29 per month.

There are 3 optional Starter Packs available:

  • Bronze – $199
  • Silver – $599
  • Gold – $1299


Affiliate Ranks

There are 10 ranks in the Zilis comp plan.

They are:

  • Ambassador – join as an affiliate
  • Associate Ambassador – 180 PV per month or have a 120 PV autoship setup. Accumulate 200 PV from the signing up date and personally refer a minimum of 2 commission qualified reps (one in each side of the binary structure))
  • Community Ambassador – Maintain 180 PV per month or have a 120 PV autoship setup. Have a minimum monthly downline volume of 2500 GV (with no more than fifty percent of that from any of their unilevel legs)
  • City Ambassador – Maintain 180 PV per month or have a 120 PV autoship setup. Must also have accumulated 1300 PV since joining and have a minimum monthly downline volume of 5000 GV (with no more than fifty percent of that from any of their unilevel legs)
  • Area Ambassador – 225 PV per month or have a 150 PV autoship setup. At this point you’ll need a minimum of 4 Associate Ambassadors (with 2 in each side of the binary structure). You’ll need to have a minimum monthly downline volume of 12,500 GV (with no more than forty percent of that from any one of their unilevel legs) and 2500 GV monthly volume coming from each side of the binary.
  • Regional Ambassador – 300 PV per month or have a 200 PV autoship setup. At this point you’ll need a minimum of 6 Associate Ambassadors (with 3 in each side of the binary structure). You’ll need to have a minimum monthly downline volume of 50,000 GV (with no more than forty percent of that from any one of their unilevel legs) and 10,000 GV monthly volume coming from each side of the binary.
  • National Ambassador – 300 PV per month or have a 200 PV autoship setup. At this point you’ll need a minimum of 8 Associate Ambassadors (with 4 in each side of the binary structure). You’ll need to have a minimum monthly downline volume of 100,000 GV (with no more than forty percent of that from any one of their unilevel legs) and 30,000 GV monthly volume coming from each side of the binary.
  • Presidential Ambassador – 300 PV per month or have a 200 PV autoship setup. At this point you’ll need a minimum of 10 Associate Ambassadors (with 5 in each side of the binary structure). You’ll need to have a minimum monthly downline volume of 200,000 GV (with no more than forty percent of that from any one of their unilevel legs) and 80,000 GV monthly volume coming from each side of the binary.

There are also some alternate customer point qualification for the following ranks:

  • Area Ambassador – maintain one hundred, active retail customers, or you can have 12,500 GV per month in retail purchases
  • Regional Ambassador – maintain three hundred, active retail customers, or you can have 50,000 GV per month in retail purchases
  • Presidential Ambassador – maintain one thousand, active retail customers, or you can have 200,000 GV per month in retail purchases


Pay Plan Components: Seven ways to earn!



All customers can opt to purchase products at the full retail pricing with one time orders or they can get discounted pricing by opting to become a preferred customer. Preferred customers will get an avg of fifty percent savings off of the full retail pricing. To be a preferred customer, you simply need to have a minimum of 1 commission-able item on an autoship plan.

QUALIFICATION: To qualify the rep must be a qualified Ambassador during the commission period that the customer purchases in.


Reps can earn Fast Start Bonus’ when they personally refer a new Wholesale Customer or an Independent Ambassador with a product pack.

QUALIFICATION: The enroller needs to be an active and qualified Ambassador during the commission period in which the referral occurs.
Zilis Fast Start Bonus Chart
*To be considered Active the individual must have fifty Autoship PV or seventy five other PV in the previous or current monthly period. This needs to be from your own purchases or from retail or preferred customer purchases. If this requirement isn’t met then the Fast start bonuses for that period will be forfeited.



This part of the plan can pay up to $30,000 per week, and is based on rank. It’s for sales for infinite generations. Each Ambassador has a binary placement system, with 2 sides. A left leg and a right leg.

Ambassadors can earn income of up to twenty percent of the lesser side volume (LSV) between the left leg and right leg weekly. Business Volume (BV) is created whenever a new enrolment pack or upgrade is purchases within your left or right legs. Additionally, can qualify to bank and potentially carry over unused BV from the stronger leg. This banked volume is limited to 1,000,000 points.
Zilis Binary Earnings Chart
QUALIFICATION: Income is decided primarily by rank. For accelerated binary income, the rep must have one hundred Autoship PV or one hundred and fifty other PV in the previous or current period.


As was mentioned, an active rep can bank and carry over up to 1,000,000 BV in their stronger leg.
Zilis Stored Volume Chart
Although the volume might have been created months before, stored volume can be used for commission purposes at a later time. Keeping some stored volume offers Ambassadors great flexibility in running their business. This volume comes from personal as well as customer purchases.


Infinity Fast Start bonuses (IFS) are given when brand new Ambassadors come into your organisation by way of an enrolment pack. The IFS bonus rewards reps for working in depth and from duplicating recruiting as well as product sales. Reps can earn for IFS bonuses on all personal referrals. This is to encourage reps to always be personally recruiting, so they can earn additional IFS bonuses simultaneously. The bigger your team, the more IFS bonuses a rep can earn.
Zilis Infinity Fast Start Bonus Chart


  • You need to be qualified or the bonus will be forfeited.
  • Reps that rank advance automatically qualify for IFS income during the week that they rank advance.
  • New reps need to have an active Autoship of a minimum of 50 PV during the weekly period that they signed up for the IFS bonuses to be payed out. This volume can be from their own purchases or from personally referred customers. If the requirements aren’t met, the bonus will be forfeited.




This is the foundation of a reps residual income. Qualify and you can earn monthly on all product volume created for up to 6 generations in your team. Your own rank as opposed to the rank of your downline team, dictates the amount of generations you can earn on.
Zilis generational Bonus Chart


  • This bonus is paid on all volume but not on starter packs.
  • The percentage is based on the qualifying volume as well as the generation that the volume comes from.
  • Minimum qualifications are based from the 5th day of every new month prior to the generational bonus’ for the last month are paid out on the fifteenth. If the qualifications are not met then to bonus is permanently forfeited.



With this reps can earn a monthly bonus of up to nine percent on the total generational volume within your team each month. IRB’s are paid on all volume, except starter packs. The more team volume, the more you can earn. Because this bonus isn’t limited or restricted it pays through-out unlimited generations, causing them to be endless.
Zilis Infinity Residual Chart


  • To earn IRB’s, you need to meet all qualifications for the month.
  • IRB’s are paid for the last month on the fifteenth.
  • If the rep isn’t qualified the income is forfeited.



This is basically a check match system based on all personally enrolled reps at equal leadership rank. The more success you generate within your organisation, the higher percentage you’ll earn. Every Ambassadors qualify for a ten percent IMB starting at Area Ambassador. These bonuses can go up to forty percent when a rep hits the Presidential rank.


If a new rep joins with a Gold Pack, they will get twenty percent check matching potential on all personally referred Ambassadors for life.
Zilis Secial Accelerated Match Bonus Chart


  • You need to be qualified at the rank that you want to earn IMB’s from. If the sponsor isn’t qualified at the same level as their personally referred team member, then it is adjusted to match at the highest level the sponsor is qualified at.
  • Because of the large income potential of IMB’s, the company requires the sponsor to achieve the same rank as their personally referred rep within twelve months of that persons initial qualification. If the sponsor can’t qualify to the same rank within this time then the IMB’s for the rank in question are permanently forfeited.
  • IMB’s aren’t non-transferable. So if you sell or transfer your business they will be permanently forfeited.




The Blessing Bonus (BB) allows qualified City Ambassadors and above to give to their community. When a rep hits the rank of City Ambassador, Zilis starts with a $100/month bonus that increase up to $500/month dependant on rank. The receiving party can be an established non-profit organisation, or a family member in need, or perhaps a complete stranger. The rep decides how to “pay it forward”.


  • The minimum of City Ambassador rank during the qualifying period needs to be achieved and maintained. Blessing Bonuses are paid for the previous month on the fifteenth.
  • It’s up to the individual associate where to give their Blessing Bonus.
  • Ambassadors need to provide documentation or proof of a Blessing Bonus donation with photo or video to corporate once a quarter. If not the BB will be forfeited.



Zilis Blessing Bonus Chart


One of the downsides to being involved in a network marketing business is the lack of healthcare options that are available in corporate jobs. Regional Ambassadors and above can qualify for health insurance payments of up to $1,500 monthly. This is nice to see as it removes a significant obstacle in going full time into the industry.


Zilis healthCare Bonus Chart


  • This is a reimbursement and requires documented proof.
  • The Health insurance policy needs to be in the name of the rep or their spouse. The benefits are non-transferable and can’t be combined.
  • Proof of insurance must be submitted. Failure to provide documentation will result the bonus being forfeited.
  • Any reimbursements start in the month that the payment is approved and the premiums start getting paid.
  • Only qualified health insurance plans are covered.
  • Reps are subject to documentation checks every quarter.



This Jeep program is offered to reward reps who hit and maintain the rank of Area Ambassador or above. Once qualified, your rank will determine the lease or loan amount paid by Zilis. Choose a Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, or Grand Cherokee.


Zilis Jeep Bonus Chart


The Global Bonus Pool (GBP) offers Regional’s and above with a quarterly revenue sharing. 2% of all generational volume (put into a pool) is shared by qualified Regional’s, Nationals, and Presidential Ambassadors. How much a reps earns depends on the total contribution of your organisation.


Zilis Global Pool Chart


Ambassadors need to be qualified 2 out of 3 months per rank, per quarter to earn these shares.


This is were dream building comes into play. Maybe you’ve always wanted a specific home, or an exotic sports car. The dream bonus can provide up to $3,000 to help achieve those dreams! This bonus is available to Ambassadors hit the rank of Diamond Executive.


  • Reps must apply and applications need to be approved prior to receiving any payments. Corporate reserves the exclusive right to deny or approve an application.
  • Reimbursements start during the month that the first payment is due.
  • Vehicles, coaches, boats, and other approved selections need to have a Zilis logo on them.


Meet The Zilis Team

Steven Thompson
After he earned a Bachelor of Science degree for Accounting by way of the University of Memphis, Steven went on to build organisations of 250,000+ individuals in 40+ countries around the world. With 20+ years in the Direct Sales/MLM and health and wellness he is well equipped to lead his company.
Steven was voted as 1 of the top 40 industry mentors globally in a survey done by 100,000+ people. Additionally, he works in close contact with federal as well as state lawmakers in regards to hemp.
Angie Thompson
Angie graduated with honours from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Angie 1st found the Direct Sales industry in the 1990’s and since then she has worked side-by-side with Steven to make a huge global impact.
As Chief Operating Officer, Angie covers all of Zilis’ in-house processes. Her expertise covers multiple fields such as human resources, event planing, and rep support.
  • Eileen M. Le Gall, Esq. – IN-HOUSE COUNSEL


Zilis Medical Advisory Board

Zilis formed a Medical Advisory Board, in order to bring the best CBD products and most relevant information to better serve their organisation. The board is chaired by Zilis Director of Scientific Research and Development, Marielle Weintraub, PhD, and is made up of various, respected medical professionals from around the world.


  • Marielle Weintraub, PhD – BOARD CHAIRMAN
  • Madelin Rose Andry, RN
  • J. Matthew Andry, MD
  • Kerrie Suits, FNP-BC, MSN, RN, CMFN
  • Stephen J. Gant, DDS
  • Joli Jarboe, DVM
  • Jenny Lusby, RN, BSN



So to answer the main question, no I don’t feel Zilis is a scam at all. As you can see Zilis have a lot going on. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad is really up to the individual and what they are looking for. They have a descent variety of products in various categories which is a good thing and also indicate a desire for their Ambassadors to pick up a large percentage of customers as well as reps. It would seem things are going well for them as indicated by the purchase of Zrii and the large, rapid expansion plans into a number of new territories.

On the income side of things, the Zilis pay plan has a fair number of parts to it. On one hand it’s always great to have a large number of ways to generate income, and I like the extras like the blessing bonus, health benefits, Jeep allowance, and Dream Bonus. On the other hand their pay plan comes across as overwhelming and I can see it flustering and frightening off a fair number of new people. Sometimes less is more, but that’s really personal preference.

My biggest concerns come from the fact that there are a lot, and I mean a lot of health and wellness mlm/direct sales companies that are competition. The fact that they decided to focus on CBD helps with that a bit, but there has been a number of CBD based companies that have started up in recent years that are really dominating that market. Companies like CTFO, Hempworx, and Kannaway to name a few. If you are looking for a CBD company, Zilis is definitely one to look into, especially if you are in South America (since they are expending into those markets very soon thanks to the Zrii merger).

If you aren’t sure what sector you want to go into or simply don’t care, then I personally recommend something with services or digital items, instead of physical products.
If you want to see what company I’m recommending that I feel will dominate the space for years to come, then click the button below!

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